Show us your ink

So we’ve had pets and chairs and even lamps for while one of the long running threads…

I can’t be the only one with. A bit of ink let’s see your prized tattoos/marks of shame!

My sis in law got me this for my 50th from a world class artist in Seoul… the only stipulation was I had to take it sight unseen!!

I loved the idea so didn’t really care
Too much about the outcome but I also love the art… what else have people got and what funny/cool stories do you have around it…


That won’t wash off.


A friend of mine has just come back from his holiday with an incredible tattoo.
I asked him, “where did you get the tattoo?”
“In Spain”, he replied.
“Spain? Really?”
“I know”, he replied. “Nobody expects the Spanish ink precision.”


That’s either comic gold or the worse dad joke ever!!

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Genuinely interested to see how many step forward on this. I’ve never yet seen a tattoo I thought attractive but I’m o[en to having my mind changed. Psychologist friend of mine describes them as an external manifestation of internal damage. Her two are horrid.

This one is based on artwork by Keith Haring


‘An external manifestation of internal damage’ - I quite like that it’s very poetic… there is definitly both an aesthetic and a psychological element to getting tattoos…

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In 1980, I promised myself I’d get my first tattoo when Newcastle United won a trophy.

I’m still waiting…:grinning::black_heart::white_heart:


What has stopped me getting inked is that I’ve never yet found a tattoo design/art that I want to see on my skin every minute, every day until I drop off the perch.

My wife has a monochrome lizard. That’s nice…on her.

I do have a ‘pale blue dot’ on my left knee from where I (accidentally) stabbed myself with fountain pen when I was about 8. That’ll do.


I remember at work one of the girls in the office getting a rose tattooed on her tummy.

One of the other girls said what is a rose now will be a cabbage in 20 years time.


Not at all true. A well done tatoo changes very little over time. The colours will fade a bit over 20 or 30 years and the outline may get a touch less sharp, but that’s about it.
Many people see a prison tat on the telly, and judge accordingly.
I know what yer thinking … who the h*ll would tatoo their telly …


I don’t think this bears out the general experience though. I’ve certainly never seen any tattoo of that age which looks anything other than close to badly blurred and badly faded. Not dissimilar to having someone crayon on you.

Equally interesting is that no-one else has posted theirs.

Given the likely demographic of forum members, I suspect Tatoos are reasonably scarce amongst us.

Being of an older demographic I didn’t get was this thread was about. This
is what I use in my Parker Sonnet.


I quite like this in my Sheaffer Imperial Sterling.

Maybe I should try it on skin!


Very nice pen.

Thanks…fountain pens is an old hobby
of mine that I’ve been resurrecting lately…going through my pen collections again.

I’ll have to find my Sonnets, got a couple in one of the cases somewhere. They were nice too :+1:t3:

Was thinking of the old fountain pen thread and asking for it to be reopened, but as it only got to 42 posts perhaps a subject of little interest here…

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Not sure I want to think about the implications of this comment.

Just the reality.

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I guess once the Biro was invented real pens were always going to be a cult interest, but like the turntable there’s still plenty of fine examples out there.

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