Show us your Kans

Show us your Linn Kans, let us know which mark your running and which Naim amp or amp combination you are using to drive them.

I’ll kick this off with my MK1 Kans driven by olive 72/HiCap/180. Hope to get a 250 or pair of 135s in the future. The tweeters were replaced 3 years ago with new Scanspeak ferrofluid type and crossovers recapped ready for another 40;years service. The clarity, detail and speed still astonishes me.
I’ve tried some new modern small speakers but they didn’t do it for me. In my small room they fit in perfectly and never fail to amaze me.


I would love to find a pair of kans like that. Very nice

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I’m sure you could pick up a well looked after pair, but must be bought with the stands preferably Kan II stands which are starting to get a little difficult to find.

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I’m not too sure really. To buy a pair and find I need to replace all drivers and crossovers and not get the right stands, is not worth the hassle. I think the @HungryHalibut remark about Kans put me off them for good :rofl:.
I will try some Harbeths and hopefully Falcons

I had Linn Kans on the Mk2 stands… :slightly_smiling_face:

Long since moved on.

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This is my kind of post…

My latest pair of Kans and an older pair of black versions, both mk1 and both used with mk2 stats, NAC72/HICAP/NAP140

There have been many pairs of these in my system history, lovely things all of them…


I think we need to post pictures of the speakers and owners side by side just to prove @HungryHalibut wrong :joy:

Two very lovely looking pairs of Kans. Mine are showing their age, I call it character!

I moved these from bedroom duty to the smaller study. They are in their happy place here. No need for a big sound and long throw. Ideal at mid level volume.
Meanwhile the Spendor A5’s seem to give their best in the bedroom with a higher vaulted ceiling. I can turn them up without the boom that developed at higher volumes in the study. I think the change is going to stay.


Both the Harbeth and Falcons are great speakers and have a very different presentation to Kans which many would say is a good thing! Kans are either loved or hated.


Mine have varied a little over the pairs I have owned but I’m constantly surprised by how many of those that come up for sale have been obviously well cared for over their (many years) of use

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The finish looks beautiful

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Thanks, I’m still not 100% sure what it is

I’m not suggesting this but is it possible to re-veneer speakers?

I had wondered that too but they look too factory fresh for me to believe that’s the case, though someone with better woodwork skills than I could possibly muster may have been a previous owner…

My wife’s “hobby/craft room“ system has Mk. 1 Kans on Mk. 1 stands driven by a Meridian 101/103D amplifier……but it does have a NACD3.5/Fcap & NAT03 front end.

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Very difficult on these. They are put together in such a way that taking them apart to re veneer them would cause too much damage.

I bought a pair of (walnut veneer?) Mk1 Kans for not a lot of money from FleaBay over 20 years ago, which were a bit bashed about cosmetically, but the drivers were fine. I filled the dings in the cabinets with a colour matched wood filler, then rubbed down the cabinets carefully with fine glasspaper before applying a couple of very thin coats of matte veneer. They came up beautifully (and you’d have to look very carefully to see the repair work).

My elder son ‘borrowed’ them to set up house in London after getting married over ten years ago…

…and they have never come back to me.

Ho hum.


Rosewood looks great

Any more Kan users?

How about a rear view? These were my super rare active Kan 1s converted by Linn (now sold)…

Seem to recall the seller saying that they were shipped to Linn directly from Naim. Not sure why that would be the case.