Show us your Neats!

Thread title says it all. Show us pictures of your lovely Neat speakers

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Here are my Motive SX3s, over recent months shown the ability to differentiate between lots of source upgrades, very happy with them in a relatively small, and sonically challenging listening room.



Neat Ultimatum XLS in figured birch


oooh, very nice, what are the little things they’re sat on?



Just some little sorbothane feet.

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The grown up XLS’s John

And what a speaker they are

I had a pair in a larger house/room of that time , but now live in smaller premises hence the XLS’s which I’m very happy with

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Yes, great speakers. Had them for about 10 years now and very engaging and musical. Only thing I may change them for is pair of xl10, used, would not buy new.

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I had wanted to use Iotas in a small second systen I am building however they are to be situated on a bookshelf with a solid wall 5 cm behind. The rear port frightened me and I ended up purchasing a pair of sealed Tablette10Signatures.

No problem with bass boom inside that bookshelf?

Yes my dealer has a pair of the XL10’s on permanent display in main listening room with Naim gear

Spectacular sound but as you say pricey

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Nope. There’s no back on the unit and the speakers are about 10” from the wall if that helps?

If there were any bloom it’s soaked up by the mass of plastic surrounding them!

Having gone from Neat Iota Alpha’s to Neat Motive SX1’s and finally (so far) Neat Iota Xplorer’s. I can only say each speaker is superb and all have brought a wonderful SQ into my room, getting better with each model upgrade. Think I can say I have a love affair with the Naim/Neat sound :blush:


Likewise John - the synergy between Naim and Neat is extraordinary I must say . I struggled a bit over the years with finding the right speakers for me with Naim and finally found it with Neat range

I have had the XL6 (with full 500 system CD) motive sx3 , momentum 3xi’s and Ministra’s in previous years

Very happy where I’ve now landed with the ultimatum XLS’s and in another system the recently released Petite 30 anniversary model which is pretty outstanding ( only 100 manufactured for worldwide market). I’ll post a decent image of those tomorrow

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My Mf9s … … … Neat and Naim … … … they just work.


That looks serious.

We’re the MF’s the forerunners of the Current XL10’s Dave?

Yep, the XL10s replaced the MF9s.

As you say, pricey speakers, though I pounced on my MF9s, piano black finish, six weeks old, and at less than half the list price at the time … … … silly not to.


Well done good buy

Momentum SX5i


My Petite 30’s sound great with my humble Atom. Still running in at the moment…