Show us your pets

Yes, agreed, go with a private vet. My vet is great and I can’t fault them.

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They never settle in the car :smirk:


Since I had toast for breakfast there may be crumbs.



Hi Bertie aka Chunky is our 12th BSH so yes we are aware of optimum weight. 7-8kg is not uncommon in fully mature (2yrs) BSH and acceptable by our vets for BSH whereas 4-5ish Ok for Domestic SH (moggy).

He is just ‘solid’ and a ‘big cat’ as the vet said a couple of weeks ago at a routine check-up.

It will be an interesting experiment to see how all 3 kittens progress, they are the first of our mob to be raw feed (another contentious issue in some circles)

I got a BSH when I was 10 and never been without one all my life. 5 decades of no other pets except a BSH. So I’m very aware of the ideal weight for them and the downsides of being overweight. Kidney failure and heart problems are increased by being overweight and with cancer, are the biggest enemy of BSH. Also, fat causes issues with veterinary treatments.

My current Mo is 5kg. Not the biggest cat, but in perfect health. Probably the healthiest cat I’ve had, which is amazing since he started out with FIP. Heaviest cat I’ve had was 6.5kg and always classed as overweight until he got to about 14, then started losing it due to kidney problem. I put it down to the food I was feeding him and not just ‘he’s a big cat’.

Not a fan of raw food. It’s not ideal, but there again, finding the ideal food is probably impossible.

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Made a visit to some friends in Hereford and Midge was there to greet me.


New favourite place.


Warning…warning…Cute Alert!


Pixie in her usual late evening repose.

And I can’t reach the bl00dy glass!!


A well chilled fattypus.


Surely not FAT, just FLUFFY!:wink:

He is enormous.

So’s my Norwegian at this time of year. He always bulks up a bit as the weather turns colder, but he does get very FLUFFY at this time also😸

Hey looks like you stole my cat😉

An yes mine puts on weight an fluff this time of year


Rico is now spending more time in a particular part of the sitting room. Can’t imagine why. He is a lazy git.


Would that be a Hearth by any chance…?:thinking:

The first week that Tyr and his brother Yogi joined the family. Soon found the Hearth rug😂


He’s Turkish. And enormous.

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He’s one of my mother’s collection of waifs and strays. Determined never to be either ever again!


Is he a ragdoll?

I think a swimmer.
Defo. some kind of pedigree but sometimes people treat their cats badly.