Show us your scale model kits!

If you have built with your own hands, scale model kits, please show them! Cars, ships, planes, science fiction vehicles, anything goes. If you built it, we want to see it!

I will start with three of mine.
Williams FW14B 1992. Tamiya kit 1:12 scale

Ferrari 312-T3 1978. Tamiya kit 1:20 scale

McLaren MP4-8 1993. Tamiya kit 1:20 scale


Couple of my planes to help kick the tread off then


My dog swallowed my mini Lamborghini. 10 billions …


Don’t know if this qualifies. Converted from nitro to electric during lockdown. It has so many mods good luck anyone who can guess what this is. Runs on 6s lipo. It goes pretty quick about 60mph.


  1. It’s not an arrma despite the arrma radio box.
  2. Note the orange braces.


No idea of scale, 1/10 I guess. Tamiya comical buggies in true Tamiya style - lots of hop ups. All brushless.


I watched a number of RC races on Youtube recently, great stuff!


Thank you to all the posters. Keep them coming!

A few more of mine.

Italeri 1:24 scale Ferrari 250 GTO

Italeri 1:24 scale Ferrari 288 GTO


Tamiya 1:12 scale Mini Cooper


I have a few 1:18 sports cars…

Many of the ones from ALMS are signed. My wife and I went to Sebring and Petit Le Mans every year from 2006 to 2014.


Very nice collection!

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Thanks. I have another 10 or so in boxes, with no place to display them. Some are valuable collectibles. I hope the executor of our estate figures that out. LOL

@DanielH said scaled model we assembled so I didn’t post this. You might like these ones @JosquinDesPrez. The Sauber c9 Silver Arrows and Jaguar Silk Cut xjr-9.

The last one isnt Le Mans but I love that car, the auto union typ c and the hill climb version although you can’t see the twin wheels in the pic.


And just to keep @DanielH happy, here’s the Tamiya XJR-9 Silk Cut although it remains in the box un-assembled. :joy:


Oh hell, my bad. I didn’t assemble and I didn’t pay attention. Love the cars though.

I assembled a lot when I was a kid/teen. Even took a couple ribbons at model contests.

Now I assemble my bicycles for riding. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely love the AC Cobra and Ford GT40 and the Selby story.

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Heehee, I don’t think @DanielH minds. We have already take the thread from static to RC planes and cars. :wink:


I am too cheap and chicken to play with full sized cars. Learned quite a bit from RC cars, especially nitro rc cars. Great fun indeed!

Shame a lot of youtubers of late are only interested in speed runs. There’s so much more than speed like handling corners, changing viscosity of the diff fluids in the front, center and rear diffs to get different performance and characteristics out of the car, tyre patterns, toe in/out, suspension droop, springs, oil, etc. Even using ABS and changing steering and throttle respond on the radio.

This black one used to have a gyro installed. That gyro is on the Tamiya comical one now. Makes it very easy to drift. Great fun! :sunglasses:

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Missy and I looooved the ALMS races. The drivers were so approachable, friendly and always signed our cars if we asked. Johnny O’Connell, Bill Auberlen, Allan McNish and Joey Hand were particularly friendly. Joey always, always, always recognized us walking through the paddock, waved in recognition and took time to chat, even when busy getting ready for practice or quali. It was almost as if you could pick up wrench and they’d be happy for your participation. F1 was the opposite. You got the sense they’d be happier if you stayed home and out of their way, watched on TV and purchased from their sponsers to support their Monoco lifestyles. LOL

The only curmudgeon who refused to lift a pen was Bobby Rahal. He refused to sign my Apple Porsche when he managed the BMW team and we were huge, loyal fans (and M3 customer). What a scrooge. :roll_eyes: