Show us your turntable

frenchrooster, that is an unexpected change, going from the SME to the P10. Can you tell us the reason for the switch?

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Michell Orbe in the full double plinth configuration, with SME V & Lyra Skala. As a 2000 model it has the AC motor powered by the QC PSU.
It sits on a rectangular ISObase, one of 2 made as a prototype by Michell.
Suspension springs replaced with the SolidAir Ebony & String pylons

Phono stage is a Bakoon EQA-11R, being a battery powered current amplifying device, so no loading selection required for the cartridge, and the R indicates it has selected components as a Reference version.
It sits on its only isolation stand with ceramic ball isolation.

Arm cable is a Harmonic Technolgies Crystal Silver cable custom made by Jim Wang.
Phono stage to Amp is Harmonic Technology Magic

The overall rack is a Aavik 5 shelf with Titanium Pulsar points


Roksan Xerxes 20+, Artemiz tonearm, Vertere SG PSU, Dynavector te Kaitoria rua.


TMS3 - Artimiz II - Shiraz - with Roksans Power Supply and Phono stage combination.

LP12 - aRadikal - Keel - Aro - Koetsu Rosewood Sig. Plat. - SL/SCDR.


No expense spared. Rega Planar 1 plus with Bias cartridge, white belt, felt mat and built in phono stage.


Technics 1200.
SME M2-9 arm, MCRU external psu, Mike New bearing, Isonoe feet, KAB strobe disable mod, Goldring 2100 cart (upgrade sometime?). Rothwell MM phonostage.


My most recent Garrard 401. An early one that was given a nut and bolt rebuild by Peak Hifi with a superbly re-painted chassis and re-plated levers underneath. In most respects it is now better than when it was new. The second picture shows it mounted in my French walnut Loricraft plinth.

And of course, a close up of the wonderful ceramic platter on the Rega RP10;

I like records, and I like record players…


Roksan TMS, Artemiz, Shiraz, Vertere SG power supply, Vertere Phono 1 phono stage, sitting on Mana.
The TMS is a mark 1, upgraded by Touraj about 11 years ago, with as many of the 2 and 3 parts as could be fitted. He also rewired the Artemiz at the same time. The Shiraz has been modified by NWA with a ruby cantilever and a Gyger profile stylus.


Avid Diva II SP with a rega rb808 arm and Benz Micro Ace SL cartridge. Phono stage is a Cyrus phono signature with added psxr2.


Garrard 301, Origin Live Silver, AT33ptgii, Rega R200, loads of cartridges :slightly_smiling_face:

Pye Black Box, BSR UA6, SC11

Columbia 117a, soft needles


Xerxes 10, Origin Live (modified Rega 250) and Audio Note IQ3 all into Stageline


Old school, but not as old as Garrard 301, BSR and Columbia , (the 401 rebuilt surely qualifies as new!), and I have the wooden box that contained a Garrard from the 1950’s, but no chassis (took it to bits to see how it worked!!).

Well regarded in its day, which I suppose would be the early 1990’s, (sure someone here will tell me). Owned by me as a second hand purchase in the late 1990’s.

(Sorry, not a new picture)


How did you find the Vertere power supply and phono stage? Did you upgrade from Roksan alternatives?


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Hi Hans, yes I had the original built-in Artaxerxes, transferred from my original Xerxes, and a Roksan PSU, a DS1 which I think had been upgraded to 1.5.
The Vertere boxes were a big upgrade, the signature of the deck remains the same, it sounds like a TMS, but more so. The bass is significantly upgraded, it digs deeper and is both faster and better controlled. Midrange is also significantly improved, female vocals are more “real”. The best way I can describe it is it’s the deck I’ve loved playing music on since 1993, but with every facet of reproduction improved.


My old TD160B, I bought this about 35 years ago, it came in the black plinth. My infant son managed to break the cover (and damage the ADC something arm that was on it). I replaced the arm with an LVX… which also got damaged. I got the message and put the turntable away.

Years later, after a house move I unpacked it and set it up again. I’ve replaced the plinth and later the arm with an Audiomods arm (which I suspect is maybe too heavy for the deck although I have adjusted it and it bounces pretty evenly).

I made the mistake of fitting a DC Motor kit to it which added nothing, one day I’ll put the original AC motor back on it.

I hardly ever use it, I’ve got a Gyrodec with an SME IV which is far superior, but since I’ve owned the TD160 for so long I suspect I’ll hang onto it as an ornament for a while yet.


Two photos of my Michell Syncro with RB808 and Dynavector 20X2L; one with the Funk Firm Achromat and one without to see the true beauty of it :slight_smile: Rega Aria phono just out of shot. Illuminated Naim logo on the ND5XS2 visible on the shelf below the turntable


Rega RP6 / Fono2 / Ortofon 2M Black. Purchased two years ago to help assess whether I wanted to return to vinyl as a source (alongside local UPnP streaming). Records were liberated from loft storage, cleaned and are now played more than UPnP via the UnitiQute2 - the vinyl collection is expanding steadily! I hope to upgrade at some point this year. Shortlist so far is Linn Majik LP12, Rega P10, Kuzma Stabi S, Clearaudio Innovation Basic and Vertere DG-1.


My rather lovely Clearaudio Emotion, nowhere near as good as some of the turntables we see here,
but a source off quiet contentment .

A new phono stage is on order a Pro-Ject dual valve , it was something I was toying with the idea of buying but I decided to buy it specifically to support my dealer through this time


That Emotion is a far better turntable than you give yourself credit for. It will definitely hold its own compared to many Rega and similar turntables. You have a very nice piece of kit, IMO.


Nice and simple for me (after years of upgrades to LP12s
Rega P8 with standard RB880 arm and Apheta 2 cartridge
All stood on a wall mounted valkan shelf
Only mod is additional sorbothane feet…that made a huge difference / improvement!
Phono stage is Rega Aria…and very good too