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My old TD160B, I bought this about 35 years ago, it came in the black plinth. My infant son managed to break the cover (and damage the ADC something arm that was on it). I replaced the arm with an LVX… which also got damaged. I got the message and put the turntable away.

Years later, after a house move I unpacked it and set it up again. I’ve replaced the plinth and later the arm with an Audiomods arm (which I suspect is maybe too heavy for the deck although I have adjusted it and it bounces pretty evenly).

I made the mistake of fitting a DC Motor kit to it which added nothing, one day I’ll put the original AC motor back on it.

I hardly ever use it, I’ve got a Gyrodec with an SME IV which is far superior, but since I’ve owned the TD160 for so long I suspect I’ll hang onto it as an ornament for a while yet.


Two photos of my Michell Syncro with RB808 and Dynavector 20X2L; one with the Funk Firm Achromat and one without to see the true beauty of it :slight_smile: Rega Aria phono just out of shot. Illuminated Naim logo on the ND5XS2 visible on the shelf below the turntable


Rega RP6 / Fono2 / Ortofon 2M Black. Purchased two years ago to help assess whether I wanted to return to vinyl as a source (alongside local UPnP streaming). Records were liberated from loft storage, cleaned and are now played more than UPnP via the UnitiQute2 - the vinyl collection is expanding steadily! I hope to upgrade at some point this year. Shortlist so far is Linn Majik LP12, Rega P10, Kuzma Stabi S, Clearaudio Innovation Basic and Vertere DG-1.


My rather lovely Clearaudio Emotion, nowhere near as good as some of the turntables we see here,
but a source off quiet contentment .

A new phono stage is on order a Pro-Ject dual valve , it was something I was toying with the idea of buying but I decided to buy it specifically to support my dealer through this time


That Emotion is a far better turntable than you give yourself credit for. It will definitely hold its own compared to many Rega and similar turntables. You have a very nice piece of kit, IMO.


Nice and simple for me (after years of upgrades to LP12s
Rega P8 with standard RB880 arm and Apheta 2 cartridge
All stood on a wall mounted valkan shelf
Only mod is additional sorbothane feet…that made a huge difference / improvement!
Phono stage is Rega Aria…and very good too


I totally agree, very, very good value . I had an LP12 which I foolishly traded in, when I asked what had happened to it, I was told it was broken up for its parts.

The inference being that I hadn’t had it serviced (which I hadn’t) - however the dealer that sold it me went out of business and I had no idea they could be that fragile.

So when I decided to go back to having a turntable , the idea of a suspended deck did not appeal , I started with a Rega, moved onto a Tecnodec and then to this. A great deal of quiet satisfaction and the pleasure of a fairly rare turntable in the UK (For some reason Clearaudio don’t promote heavily here)

Notts Analogue Dais, Reed 3P arm, and Lyra Kleos cartridge, on phase 5 Mana.


Clearaudio Emotion, with Satisfy tonearm and Aurum Classics Wood cartridge.

I bought one of these when I was considering whether or not to give my vinyl collection one more try.

The experiment failed, and I got rid of my albums, but I have to say that this package represented outstanding value at the time.


Here’s my 1982 Heybrook TT2 and Linn Basik. Brought out of storage, serviced and given a new cartridge for spinning the occasional 12" er



My lowly P1 Plus w/Carbon cart and built on phono.


What I had before the avid; clearaudio emotion package, traded in 12 years later for more than I paid for it, as they were originally £650 and I’d bought an ex dem one.


I had a LP12 from 1986 with original Afromosia fluted plinth until about 10 years ago. By that time it had fallen into disrepair. I have no local brick and mortar Linn dealer nor a jig to work on it myself. I thought it was too finicky to begin with, but definitely not worth keeping without support for it.

I got rid of it, bought a Rega RP3 and a year after that upgraded to the Clearaudio I have now. I’ve never looked back, and couldn’t be happier with what I have now.


Glad to see you made some money on yours … as when I’d decided to abandon the vinyl experiment ^^^^^ , I sold mine on for not much less than I had paid a couple of months earlier.

You might not remember, but the price of these almost doubled overnight in UK … needless to say, someone got something of a bargain! :rage:

That’s one of them newfangled vertical turntables. Cool!

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Lots of very nice turntables here :grinning: and i guess mine may not be as good but nevertheless…

Its a labour of love …took 18 months to make ( lot of interruptions due to work and other more important personal stuff )

Lenco L75 idler drive turntable - sourced from fleabay
Origin live Silver Tonearm - 2nd hand
Nagaoka MP110 cart ( MP 30 on standby )
Lehmann Audio SE2 PWX phono stage with its PWX power supply - 2nd hand
Belden 8402 interconnect from phono to Naim SN2

It plays beautifully i think and since i have worked on it i might be a little more partial towards it.

My friends helped me with it and in gratitude i have inscribed our names on the cover and named my turntable - Cacofonix - after the poor bard on Asterix comics :wink:

This involved a total strip down , re-work and re-calibration of speeds etc…


Well, it started life as a P1, slowly morphed into a mix n match of upgrades. Arm is now an Origin Live with a n AT VM95ML cart. Sub platter changed to an alloy job, platter changed from plastic to a delryn job from Germany. New iso feet fitted and standing on a cheap marble chopping board from Argos, itself sitting on three Isoacoustic Indigo feet. Singing through a Graham Slee phono stage into a Naim XS2.
Sorry…probably bored…will stop now.



If you can go from Clearaudio to Avid without losing a penny/ cent that proves the point.

The feet on mine are different, but it looks very close

best wishes

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Er, no that’s fantastic.