Show Us Your Vinyl and CD collections

Hi, here is most of my record collection. This is the main storage section, there is another one not pictured because is being modified to include more CDs.
The furniture is IKEA and also this one is going to be replaced by a bespoke version.
Have a good day.


Both vinyl and CDs packed away in storage at the moment so, it’s just this:


Hi Andy, late to the party ,just getting round to perusing this thread and like everybody else have to commend you on your collection.Most of all though I love how we can just make out “Koss” peering out in the second photo :grinning::+1:

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Moving a moderately large collection of records is such a pain that, when I outgrew my Ikea shelving unit, I designed a modular system of plywood boxes that screw together via interlocking separators. I outgrew the current set some time ago (it holds around 2,500 records) and will get another built in the next year or so, when I get round to clearing some wall space in our basement.


Beneath the pink and black boxes are another two boxes full, I have about half this whole amount again stored in the loft in sealed plastic boxes and on the other side of the room another couple of hundred. We have a rule that if a record has been played for at least a couple of years then it goes in the loft. I recently sold some quite rare records that I had never played and where still sealed after three years in one case so it seemed pointless owning them and I have to say the demand for quality vinyl is still very, very high.


Ah thanks Alan yes it is neat that the spines of all the Free albums make up Koss’ face. I think I have a similar set of Todd Rundgren.

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whilst I’m not always in favour of some remasters the Free set are not bad so it’s cool to complete the image.Also the classic run of Quo albums are similar.

This is similar to my cd collection, albeit in a QNAP nas, with a Synology nas backup, and a backup in Dropbox, and a (not that up to date) backup on a usb external drive.

Binned all my cd’s a few years ago after ripping them.

My listening room is small, so I only keep about 50 records on hand. The rest are in the basement, where I have about 2500 on Ikea shelves.


All my CDs are ripped, and the discs are in boxes. Also have about 1200 less often played records in crates.


Am still a buyer, not a seller, but suspect that will change in the next couple of years. Mrs. Hook and I will likely move to a condo or town house after I retire, and that will drive the need to downsize.


I thought the Free remasters were extremely well executed - ‘a veil lifted’ was my immediate reaction.

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