Show Us Your Woodworking, 2023

The two threads I’ve seen with our woodworking projects have both closed, so I’ll take a page from some other topics and start a 2023 thread.

I’ve wanted to make this hayrake table since I first saw the
Fine Woodworking magazine article in 2012. The timing finally worked out and I started it shortly after Christmas, and just before getting COVID. The chairs are from another dining set I have and will be replaced with some that better pair with the table.
Cherry with wenge accents and Osmo 3054 Polyx finish, 7 coats.


Beautiful! Stunning work. Thanks for sharing it, inspires me to get into the garage and fire up the machines. I’ve got plans for some stand up paddle boards and a pile of cedar awaiting attention.

I particularly like the design joining the table legs.

How have you held the table top in place - is it cleated, or fixed?


Thanks very much.
The top is attached with 12 steel Z clips that fit into slots cut into the base frame of the table and are screwed to the bottom face of the top. That allows the wood to move, even though where I live (Sant Fe, NM) it’s not that much of an issue.

Yeah that’s very nice and invisible. It’s really a beautiful table, congratulations.

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