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Hi, one of my frustrations with the Naim app is it’s inability to shuffle the contents of my Nas. I’ve currently been using foobar2000 which plays lossless flac as a preference as it does. I’ve lots of music which I’ve forgotten about and having a shuffle function just makes me smile when I find a forgotten gem!
Everyone else except Naim seems to have this feature. I notice on the forums people have been asking for this for a few years now. Any ideas if this might appear in the road map or have I missed something?

I got around this by writing a shell script that creates a shuffled album containing all my music in Asset. It runs every hour to result in a different “deck”.

But as I hate shuffle in general never bother playing from it in the Naim app.

I like shuffle and am using Roon at the moment which offers multiple shuffle options. If I’m stuck for what to put on I can shuffle all of my library, it’s great for rediscovering lost songs/albums.

What are you using to serve up your NAS tracks?

Asset has a Jukebox Selection option which will do what you want - albeit limited to 500 tracks at a time.

As you have, I think, an old gen. Naim streamer, there is a workaround that will allow you to play all tracks randomly. Your NAS will need to be able to show a full track listing, which most can as far as I’m aware. Then, if you go to the Naim app, you can play it, but the play queue will only hold 500 tracks, so it won’t shuffle your entire library.
So the workaround is to select all tracks using the remote control/front panel, which does not impose the 500 track limit. Once playing, you can then return to the Naim app for volume control etc.


I’d love to be able to shuffle my NAS library. I have a SU/Asset/QNAP, it sounds like this will work for me though I’m not sure what you mean by “show a full track listing”.

You need to get the server to do this. I don’t use Asset, but I assume it can be set up to show a full track list.

Ok, what do you mean by “server”?

In your case, Asset. Other UPnP servers such as Minimserver, and Naim’s server, can do it, so I’m guessing that Asset can as well. Maybe someone else who uses it can confirm?

Oh ok, yes, I’m using Asset and I paid for the full version so hopefully I can. It does have the jukebox feature but as was stated it’s limited.

But it’s a different 500 tracks every time, and I’m assuming it selects these randomly. 500 4 min tracks is over 30 hours of music so that should suit you fine unless you leave your music playing 24/7.

I’ve been asking this for years now. The old gen streamers had a workaround using the remote shuffle button once you pressed play on, was working a breeze even if not really intuitive, whatever was the server, whether a NAS or something else
Right now the Uniti streamers are all limited to 500 songs and when streaming from a NAS or core it’d be limited to 500 songs only. That’s a shame. My library has 8tb of music right now and I’d prefer not having to mess around with playlists or the like.
So naim please bring back that dam* actual shuffle mode

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I love the Naim hardware but I’m about to bin the app for the only reason it doesn’t have a shuffle option. People seem to have been asking for this for years and Naim have been ignoring it. I’ll publish my thoughts and alternative solutions on social media, twitter, Facebook etc to help anyone else with my same frustrations.
Try foobar2000 it plays lossless flack and has a great interface including shuffle.

Odd statement. Why not publish here?

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