Shunyata Venom-X Ethernet cable

All I can say is Wow!

This is easily a bigger upgrade for £450 in my modest system (see profile) than the £4000 speakers and amplifiers and £1000 analogue interconnects I’ve tried recently.

The difference was immediate and obvious after about 5 seconds and still loving it after several hours. Everything just sounds so much more natural. More focussed and open, clearer detail, tighter bass but above all else it’s the natural relaxed sound that I love.


Sorry, I think you should try a completely blind listening, where you don’t know which cable is used. If you are using you have a DSD DAC you will feed via your your USB port.

I tried some Chord cables, the standard one was just as good.

If network cables are so important, then why do Linn/Naim not make them, it is smale oil.


Linn and Naim do not decide what is important, or not (neither no longer make CD players, for example). And what makes you question what the original poster has heard, in his system?! Staggering, really…

I know this is a recurring discussion point on this forum; I tried a number of Ethernet cables in my streaming system, and in my experience they do make a difference. But I accept that we all have different ears.


I can completely understand why you may think that cables don’t make any difference. In order to hear what cables can do a system has to have a certain level of resolution. Without that, cables would be a waste of money.

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Venom or the new Venom-X? I had the older Venom home for trial but sent it back. Thought it lacked some air and definition but the new Venom X series seems to have sorted those things out from what I read.

I’ll politely disagree. As yet my system has no network switch and uses a £30 wireless bridge. I’m sure there’s lots more resolution I can get out of it but at this point I’ve moved between about 4cm of ethernet affixed to the bridge going straight into the streamer; 4m of no name ethernet off Amazon and 4m from Chord. Lack of resolution or not the differences were immediate and easy to describe.

Amusingly the best sound was when the bridge went straight into streamer although that came with obvious amounts of background noise.

and different systems, rooms, networks etc. This one just works for me.

So did I. Admittedly it was a long time ago and with a different (more expensive) system and a different internet service and house but I actually preferred the cheapest one.

I take the point but I used to have a far more expensive system in a different house with a different network but used to really struggle to hear these differences. The differences seem much more apparent on my current system. I cant tell you why.

It’s Venom-X. Can’t comment as I never heard the original. It’s on sale or return. It’s not going back.


Asides from all the ying and yang about snake oil - great result for Steeve to find a cable which brings a meaningful improvement to his system. Result!



Hi Steeve - really glad you have found a cable that sings for you. I have the Alpha and I have to say that when it was demoed to me (blind) I was staggered how much of an improvement I heard. I was buying other kit and fell for the, ‘just have a quick listen to this’. My credit card flexed a bit more!

I have to say I am shocked at the price of the v2 - I guess mine may be v1, purchased in 2021 - but I paid a third less than the current price.


Good reviews of the Shunyata cables in the EAR…


Yes I was equally surprised with the Venom-X. I have spent a large percentage of the cost of my modest system on cables which I’m sure
many would question the logic of but, as I said in an earlier post, I tried more expensive amps and speakers and they didnt really work for me. (I have quite a small and difficult
room). But every cable change has brought benefits - this one was probably the most pleasantly surprising though along with possibly the addition of a second Powerline on the streamer.


If it works for you, end of.
Also agree accessories highlight the susceptibility of boxes.
Plus, such accessories usually remain in your system.

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Still happy with the Venom-X? Bit curious on this one as well.

Yes, it’s still a keeper :slight_smile:

Interestingly, and not directly related apart from it’s about cables, I just tried a Powerline on my Rega Aria as I know some have tried and liked it. It was certainly different but I didn’t like it at all. A bit more clarity to vocals and some clearer detail I guess but seemed to lose all musicality and sound a bit thin and mechanical. Sticking with the stock Rega mains cable.

Just to completely satisfy myself beyond any doubt, after nearly two months of using the Venom-X (and last chance to return it) reinstalled the Chord c-Stream. No question about it - Venom-X easily better for me. So much so, I am seriously considering trying a second one between NAS and switch.


Friend has their power cables. I really wanted them to make no difference but they are seriously good.

Well they must be getting popular. Have ordered another Venom-X and there’s now a quoted 3 week wait!

You need to compare with a standard CAT6 cable, with a true blind test.

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