Sick NAT01

My lovely NAT01 tuner is misbehaving. It is showing FM readings in the 60s, whereas UK FM transmissions start at around 89, going up to over 110.

Has the tuner head failed and - if so - can Naim fix this?

I’ll call Salisbury tomorrow, but I’m hoping that some kind soul can put my mind at rest tonight.

Anyone, please?


It sounds more likely to be an issue with one of the rails in the PST rather than the tuner head. Worth checking all cables are connected firmly, but it sound like a trip to Naim for some TLC will be required.

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Thank you, James. I’ll wait to see if other suggestions roll in overnight.

I have Audio T here in Brighton fettling and fitting a new cartridge and baseboard (if that’s the correct word) to my LP12), so I’ll ask them in the first instance, when they bring the LP12 back.

But any other wisdom would be much appreciated.

I would give Audio T a heads up so they can call Naim, rather than a “cold” on the moment question.

It definitely sounds sick. I wonder whether @NeilS has an idea?

Worth a trip to Salisbury to fix it. One of Naim’s fimest products. Mine has not gone wrong in 14 odd years. However-one day? Not a cheap fix but worth it.

I think James is probably correct about a failure of one of the supply rails in the PST.

Tuners are not my forte though!



Thanks very much to all who have answered. I’ll box it up, and arranged for Audio T to ship it back to Salisbury for some TLC.

I assume that I should send both boxes (ie tuner bit and power supply). Is this right?

Yes. Both units. I’m sure your NAT01 will come back sounding as good as new and ready for many more years of service. Good luck🤞

Sound advice here - just a further thought. Are you able to check the quality of the aerial signal?
I thought I had a problem with my Naim tuner some time ago, turns out to have been water ingress in the downlead from the aerial, which compromised the signal.
Look closely at the end fo the end of the cable, wherever it has its first connection down from the aerial, which will either be at the tuner plug if you have a single lead, or the wall plate / splitter, depending on your arrangement. Alternatively maybe try a different tuner.

I previously had a NAT02, when I acquired a NAT01 some five years, when it was apparent FM would continue for some time. I arranged for both boxes to be serviced at hq, figuring that hopefully would see FM to conclusion. Worthwhile imho to have both boxes checked / serviced and should be good till the end of FM broadcasts.

Best Rich

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Even with no signal coming from the aerial, it shouldn’t be showing 60 something MHz in the display, so it won’t be anything to do with the aerial or feeder.

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Out of interest, other than display being off, is it still working and receiving fine? If so I’d be surprised if it’s a huge fix. I am not sure how the NAT01 display was designed but perhaps the divider from the discriminator oscillator that would feed the display counter has gone bad … if indeed it is designed that way.

Hello, Simon. No signal being received at all.

But there couldn’t be a signal, as there are no FM transmissions at the frequency shown.

Ahh… more fundamental then … fingers crossed it’s only the powersupply as suggested above… good luck.
The display wouldn’t reflect the actual discriminator frequency (tuner frequency) with certain faults, as I suggested above, but if you are receiving nothing then that is irrelevant.
And yes although there are signals around 60 to 70 MHz it’s unlikely your tuner would pick them up :grinning:

That’s the behaviour I saw with mine when I purchased it. Powered up but no sound and a dodgy frequency in the display. It was a fault with the PS rectified by a service. Luckily for me the dealer wore the cost of the service as the unit was sold to me as fully operational.


I had a similar problem with my 01 when i was listening to it one day, then all of a sudden all of the frequencies were out of line and shifted and it only picked up the strong stations and they were in mono. The display had become very dim and i too thought it was a power supply problem. I was about to give up on it but it turned out the daughter boards inside had become a little un fixed to the mother board, now making good contact again bought it back to life.

Thanks to all for your comments. My dealer was here this afternoon to deliver my newly upspecc’d LP12, so the NAT has been taken to be returned to Naim for a service. I’ve been warned to expect a delay, as Naim have quite a backlog to get through before mine can be attended to.

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I like to think there is an engineer at Naim sat there with a pile of 552s with stuck relays, next to a bunch of SN3s with dodgy volume pots, who is going to fast track your NAT01 for the sheer unadulterated joy of working on such a lovely piece of kit :wink:

In all seriousness, I hope it is turned round quick :slight_smile:

I shall miss it. It’s a beautifully engineered piece of kit and - with a decent FM aerial - as good a source as Naim have ever made.

Naim’s recent tuners are pretty average compared to this bad lad. I wonder if I should name him ‘Jim Morrison’!

I feel a bit bad about my silly post, the thread is really interesting!

I’m really intrigued about the reputation of the device after a few recent threads on it, if it isn’t thread drift, what puts it up there with Naim’s other high end sources?