Side table

I’m looking to buy a small table on which to place my ER switch, power supply, WAP.
Something neat and simple as well as small and low. For next to my Fraim stacks. Will be leaving the AV Options power strip on the floor.

I see you are in ny, so am i .Their are a lot of home fair/marshall stores. They usually have a pretty good selection of smallish tables. In fact, I was in one yesterday and they had an all wood single step step stool that would work ideally as a small table. I have a slightly larger metal and wood table from there that I keep under the tt wall shelf and holds a tandberg td 20 r to r, it is just wide enough. You should definitely be able to find something there. Plus it’s nice to have at least one inexpensive piece in your system.

Thanks. Nothing fancy required. Just to minimize clutter
Will see if those stores near me.
I’ll probably just do online search.

Pick up a SH small rack on eBay.

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