Sideways steps

Recently I kind of invaded Filipe’s 552 thread a little,which I apologize for.So I will open the subject here for comments,Is going from a 272/Xpsdr/250dr to an Ndx2/Xpsdr/SN2 a sideways step?,or a step forward/back?I have owned both,but when I had the SN2,it was with a HighcapDR,and the source was UQ2/Hugo 1.I described it as sideways at best,but I have not heard the NDX2 yet.For me,there was a definite improvement going to the 272 based system.I guess the real question might be…does the SN2 hold back the potential of the NDX2,does it belong in a better system?


Probably the 250DR would cover the cost of a used SN2 maybe £2K for the 272 so this leaves £3K to find for the NDX2.

At this point I would sell the XPSDR and look for a used 555DR and still have some change.

I’m thinking of this as an option for an upgrade from the Nova, but haven’t demo’d.

I asked my dealer this question. The short answer was, yes. But, it’s the best 2 box option if you don’t want separate pre and power amps, and leaves the door open for going seperates later. Whereas up upgrading from the 272 also requires a streamer.

The NDX2/XPS and SN2 would make a fine combination but…

Unless you are desperate to change then i’d hold on a bit longer for a 272 replacement which must be due this year (it’s the only product in the range using the old streaming board) and then make a decision.


I do think it a sideways step!

Question - what is your goal re box count? With the N272, you have a preamp and a streamer in one box, and a 250DR power amp in one box, and a XPS DR for a total of 3. With the SN2 you’ll have 3 boxes as well. And without listening, I honestly “guess” that it’ll be sideways.

The 250DR is a wonderful amp, and the SN2 will not better it. But the NDX2 is a wonderful streaming front end.

If your only real goal is to get better performance out of 3 boxes, my strong advice is to listen to both set ups, as it’s really hard to predict what attributes of one vs. the other you’ll prefer. But if you want to build a new system over the next year or two, starting with the NDX2 is a nice idea as it has the current Naim streaming platform on it.

Or… wait as it seems that an update to the N272 should be seen, in which case going from the N272 to its replacement and keeping the XPS2DR and 250DR I would say really ought to better what you have now and the SN2 based system. If it were me, this is probably what I would do.

The two configurations of a 272/XPS DR/250 DR or NDX 2/XPS DR/SN 2 should be available at a dealer for a demonstration, do you have someone local? It would not be the same as a home demo but you should be able to distinguish if there is difference in sound quality between the two setups.

The other big questions is if you believe that the 272 will be updated, and if so when? …and if and when the 272 is updated will the streamer section be equivalent to the ND5 XS 2, the NDX 2 or something entirely different? …and of course what would be the pricing of a new 27x?

You can listen to what is available today or speculate on possible future releases.

FWIW, I find the currently available NDX 2 > SN 2 configuration sounds mighty sweet, but of course YMMV.

I guess I should clarify…I no longer own the 272/Xps/250,I traded the 272/250 for a 2016 NDS.My friend Spurrier Sucks has that setup,and is thinking of going to the Ndx2/Sn2,and keeping the Xps.I was trying to talk him out of it,having owned an SN2 before (to my ears) upgrading to the 272 system.I currently use Core/NDS/Xpsdr into Dynaudio XD 600’s.If I was him,I would upgrade to a 555DR,and keep the 272/250 DR.Then you could jump to the 272 replacement,if it ever comes,or use the 555 on an NDX2,or used NDS moving forward,not sideways or back.

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