Signals PMC day

Open day at Signals today as PMC took the afternoon bunch of us thru the Fenestria and the new Fact SE range. Very detailed interesting powerpoint with music that really highlighted the Fenestria speakers. These guys know how to choose music to show off their kit. Followed by choose your own music with Fact 8 or 12 in the side demo rooms. These are great speakers in their own right, but never heard their non SE version before.
I got to to speak with Peter the owner of PMC, discussed old essex haunts…great guy, very knowledgable and a pleasure go talk to. He has a great interest in old like tape reels, cassette etc…i did not do the conversation justice. Nice
to see Chris Harris of theme one records too.
Hope the evening session goes well too👍

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I’m not sure I an keen on the replacent of Fact finishes with just grey or white. Though the Fact range always had oddly inferior finish styles compared to the lower cost TwentyX.

They were in this graphite finish…not sure myself on the finish?

Its the new Dynaudio range at Signals next week, with demo,s all day…will be going along.

Not to my eyes. The finish/styling on the Fact series was one of its major selling points. Well it was for me, but chacun a son goût, I suppose.


Here is the link to the Signals summary and pics, click on logo in top left

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