Signals visit Salisbury…

Maybe, but Focal do make good speakers though not the first choice of many forum members, myself included. I have heard them driven by various Naim amps and always thought they sound fine and would not exclude them from a shortlist if I was looking to upgrade my SCM40s.

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I’m sure I’m not alone in preferring the out of town dealers. High streets across the country aren’t always pleasant places to do business, and having shoplifters wander in, even to just steal the price labels (yes, seriously) while trying to finalise a sale, can’t be nice.

Rather than have security guards, moving out to a restored barn, improved factory unit, or even a repurposed church has got to be better for everyone.


Agree it’s all a personal preference, but I have yet to hear a Focal speaker that I would have on my short list. I’ve heard them at dealers & a private house, but most notable was I’ve heard a few of them at Naim on a good selection of amps from Atom up to 552/500 ……
Add to that the looks & colours of the newer ranges, not in my house thank you.


Agree re out-of-town dealers, in that there are so many benefits for not being on high streets/within the conurbations (not just overheads). My thinking was more on how Naim’s name & products have disappeared from some high streets e.g. through the thinning out of the Audio-T group. Such presence & brand visibility can be difficult to replace.

Perhaps, I’m reflecting back to better times in the industry overall?

I must admit I’ve never been to a Naim dealer who needed security guards – but I know where you are coming from (sadly), the kind of places where even Alsatians go around in pairs and your debit card gets ‘referred’ for spending >£25 (even with a PIN).


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