Silly little question

I have recently purchased a naim nap200/nac202 combo, with a naim stageline mm, a Thorens td321 and a set of harbeth slh5+. Very very pleased with performance and sound.

I then purchased new PS audio power cabled and a naim napsch to power the nac 202.

Now i a have silly problem/question…

Before i installer the napsch, the nac would turen off with the nap. But now it stays on… and i cant seem to find any stand by option… is that true ? I surpose its not the best thing to keep turning on and off the the Wall socket.

Naim equipment is not meant to be switched on and off frequently- just left in reserve, this was it doesn’t need half an hour warm up time before it sounds it’s best . This is why the on/off switch is always inconveniently placed round the back.
Glad you like the sound, I too use 200/200 with the trimmings you described plus a Hi Cap plus Harbeth speakers

It’s not the best thing to turn it off full stop…best to leave on all the time as naim recommend

The Naim equipment is designed to remain powered up - this is to ensure that it’s always ready to give best performance as electronics tend to sound best once temperatures of components are stable. When you switch off the power amp, it also switches off the audio stages of the pre-amp. With a NAPSC in place though, unless you also switch off the NAPSC (there’s no actual switch so it’s a case of switching at the wall or unplugging) then the logic and control circuits will remain powered up.

If you wish to just power off the power amp but keep the pre-amp fully powered up (a reasonable compromise as the power amp usually comes on song relatively quickly) then you would also need to have a dedicated power supply for the audio stages of the pre-amp, such as a Hicap.

Thank you very much for your answers. I throught it would be something like that.

So just leave the green lights on at all time :slight_smile:

That’s it. I’ve had 25 years of Naim products and there has never been an issue with leaving it in stand-by mode

Most of the lights can be turned off by using the display button on the remote. It is also “suggested” that the pre-amp lights are switched off when listening - I certainly can’t hear any difference, but it should make the lights last longer.

Yes. There isn’t one.

Most Naimers just leave it on. Personally i turn it off when I’m going away on holiday, or when there’s an electrical storm.

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