Silly question Nait 5Si

it arrived today and it is wonderful. Sound is pure joy.

My other attached kit is not Naim.

Is it possible to change input source with the remote control? Does the remote control do any more than turn off the display and adjust and mute volume and balance?

Thank you


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It should change inputs if set to ‘pre’ mode and then use the number keys… there is no balance on 5si

never owned one, but it is the narcom5 remote, to get it to control the unit, I believe you only have to push the button for pre (at the bottom. It will then control more. pushing any number from 1 to 6 will then change inputs (each one has an assigned # corresponding to the buttons on the front of the 5si with the far left input as 1 and the far right as 6 (I’m assuming it is like most of their pre-amps with 6 inputs. All of this is o n-line from naim and you should look at it. ENJOY

You can press the ‘pre’ key and then cycle through the inputs using the arrow keys above the balance keys.

Thanks everyone. I think I got it… terrific. I might add that it is very easy to teach an Apple TV remote to control the volume.

Thanks again

very easy to teach an Apple TV remote to control the volume.

That could end in tears…

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