Silly question re. Cable ties

I just purchased some cable ties from local hardware with a view to tidying up the birds nest. I am wondering what is the best way of carrying out this mission. Should I tie 2 or more cables to each tie, or is there any basic rules that I need to observe, any guidance appreciated.

I only use them to keep one of the 5m lengths of Naim naca5 in a figure of eight, for tidying. All interconnects are hanging free and not touching, as recommended on the forum. So tying them all together would not be a good idea from a SQ point of view.

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My best advice would be to try to not use them…


Thanks Richard, I’ll follow your advise, a lot of cable ties going to waste


Could you send us an image of the figure of 8 nac a5

Sure not as neat as they used to be, but hopefully changing them in a month or so, but you should get a rough idea.


My Pre-amp is away getting repaired so I will take the opportunity to dress the speaker cable.

It can be done better than the pic as when i moved it to take the pic , it uncoiled a bit. But most seem to do this…i have 5 m that i need to tuck away under the fraim.

Does anybody know what are the best ties for cable dressing? I‘ve found that some people use plastic ties, and some velcro ties. Also I’ve found some leather ties on the market.

My opinion is that Velcro ties are not good choice because they are made of synthetic, rough material and because of that they can produce big static field especially when tied and untied.

Plastic ties can be too thin for some cables. They can damage cable is handled careless.

So maybe leather ties are the best choice?

I use cable ties that electricians use that you can pull tight and cannot be undone have to be cut off. I just don’t pull them too tight, but leave a little slack. To keep cables from not touching i use very large packaging bubble wrap…sort you might get in an amazon parcel.

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The best ties are no ties.


Agreed, no ties are best, but I confess to using a few on one speaker channel to prevent the ‘folded’ cable form turning into a rats nest. I first used the usual thin plastic straps which have to pinch into the cable to keep the cable in shape. A year or so ago I tried 5cm wide velcro, they don’t need to be pulled tight to keep the cable in shape, so much better in my case in that application.
How do they sound? … should I should start another mania thread? err ? no maybe not

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Where I need ties on cables (and I haven’t any on hifi system, just on a keyboard and associated electronics) I use releasable cable ties and velcro ties because they allow repositioning.


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