Simple question about Muso 2 lighting


I have a pretty simple question in the grand scheme of things but I cannot seem to figure this out and it’s driving me nuts.

Somehow on the settings of my Office Muso 2, I have changed the lighting settings so the dial light and Naim base light never come on anymore. Well, the dial light will come on if I physically turn the dial, then the effect light comes on around the dial, but the base lighting still does not come on.

I have a Muso QB2 and another Muso 2 elsewhere in the house, and when I am actively using them, those lights are always on, which is a nice effect I’d like to have with my office Muso 2.

If I approach the dial, the top controls will light up and activate, but the lighting around the dial does not come on unless I physically move the dial - then as soon as I am done moving it the light goes off.

I have found the lighting setting in the Naim app but it does not seem functional to me. Here’s what it looks like - but no matter where I touch on this screen it has no effect either on the dots at the bottom or on the Muso 2 itself. There is no explanation anywhere for how this screen functions that I can find.

Here is how the top of the dial controls look when it detects my hand - no lights around the dial or the base.

Thanks for any help figuring this out…

I’ve just checked this on my Qb. The button on the left turns the lighting down, or off. The button on the right turns it up.


Thank you that explanation helped a lot. I actually needed to do more of a long press on the screen more than a quick tap, but I was able to use it to get the lights back on. Thanks again.

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