Simplest way to roonify nDAC

Chromecast Audio optical digital out to your nDAC is cheapest and simplest. CCA has Roon support.

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I”ve been wondering about the USBridge myself. I see that Allo now have a case that will accommodate both USBridgeSig and DigioneSig. Also my preferred software, MoodeAudio, runs OK (according to the designer, Tim Curtis.

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I would try Ropieee or Ropieee XL as it works with both and imo the best os for Roon, simple, sounds great, amazing support. Ropieee XL also supports dnla, airplay and Roon.

Right, but please take into account the fact that the new USBridge Sig does not have onboard wireless.

Also, on the RPi, I can switch off the USB (and LAN) bus and disable bluetooth and HDMI. This brings the load for the RPi down to about 200-250 mA. I am not sure that I would be able to do the same with the USBridge Sig.

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