Simply the Best…

Petzl ErgoNomic

The best mixt and ice climbing axe ever!

I aslo own the Nomic and the Ergo. The ErgoNomic is just in the middle. Brilliant!

Petzl Nomic

Petzl Ergo

In Cogne (Italy) with my cherished Ergo in a steep ice climb.
A full week of ice climbing with my wife :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Long ago I climbed for a few days up the waterfalls of Cogne with Petzl picks.

A cold and serious place.

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I don’t believe such thing exists in audio. The best would be for me a Naim Statement system but with also the characteristics of the best tubes electronics. The best of both worlds. But It doesn’t exist.
I was recently very very impressed by Aries Cerat. But can’t say it’s the best.


Whatever you say, this is the best:

I’m well on my way getting rid of all non Mauviel pans.

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Now that’s interesting - I do like a pan!

Is that Carbon Steel? …I’ve heard that for some applications - Steak for example - they are amazing. Yours is nicely seasoned I see! …Stainless has the same qualities in terms of high heat - probably higher - but doesn’t become seasoned in the same way.

What is it you love about them?

Hi Matt

I have most of the mcook range which is stainless steel and multiple layers to dissipate the heat equally and fast. The pan on the picture was quite a surprise. It is a normal carbon steel pan indeed and absolutely non stick. Eggs, baked potatoes, vegetables, whatever I put in them is quickly done. These simple pans are so fast, environmentally friendly and likely to last for many years. I have a couple of them, for the price of 26 euros each.

Other non stick pans having Teflon layers should be forbidden. In a few years they are useless and need to be replaced.

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I’m also a massive fan of Rösle utensils…

Brilliant design, bulletproof build, and have something to do basically everything - so a little addictive as a result.

I think they can probably claim to be “The Best”

(My wife took the photo in an effort to make me stop - which I largely have - but only because I basically have the full range)

The Garlic Press and the Can Opener are both showpieces for the simple old fashioned (over)engineering and quality that’s synonymous.


This is what the thread is for!

How else would I know this?!? :+1:t2::joy::pray:


Aldi Jelly beans. The best.


For me the best jellies are Haribo Lakritzschnecken :yum:


Controversial one that. Even in our house. We keep both HP (my wife) and Stokes (me!) - I find Stokes has a bit more spice, which I like, whereas HP (which I do like very much) is like a comfortable pair of slippers…just SO familiar and nice.

Well, while we’re on the subject of (highly) consumables:

Best is subjective, but this is my all- time favourite gin.

And let’s not forget, also by Berry Bros and Rudd:

Best choccies EVER!


They 100% are :+1:t2:




Ah yes - that’s absolutely brilliant at getting oily stains off the driveway. Absolutely the best! :+1:t2::joy:

I think Whisky is amongst the most polarising things there is!

The best…the point at which you stop reading hifi reviews and stop spending money! Many aspire, few achieve😁

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Damn fine chocolates!

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Emily in Paris?

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