Simply the Best…

They 100% are :+1:t2:




Ah yes - that’s absolutely brilliant at getting oily stains off the driveway. Absolutely the best! :+1:t2::joy:

I think Whisky is amongst the most polarising things there is!

The best…the point at which you stop reading hifi reviews and stop spending money! Many aspire, few achieve😁

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Damn fine chocolates!

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Emily in Paris?

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There are so many brilliant Oscar Wilde quotes, that’s one of th ebest and certainly not controversial.

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This is no longer funny:



Yes - absolutely - have been flirting severe brand damage for years. The mixer however - continues to speak for itself.

Funny you should mention T Shirts though - as for me there is a BEST there - Sunspel.

Made in England. Beautiful Fabrics. Great Colours. Not break the bank money, but reassuringly expensive (made in England does cost more of course) and just the perfect cut. Unchanged in design for decades.

I don’t regard any brands as “the best” for anything. It is all relative, and depends on the criteria at the time, and quality can and does vary so what is best for one thing at one point in time may not be at for another or at another. Some brands over a period of time may tend to be top of the game, and so, perhaps, be a default ‘go to’ brand, but things can and do change, and if relying on brand name alone up it is all too easy to end up with something that is not “the best”, possibly at an inflated price based on brand image.

And of course it all depends on definition of “best” - something that is not necessarily definitive, varying with personal criteria, including whether one means best regardless of cost, or best value for money…
I tend to think in terms of “one of the better”, rather than “the best”, in respect of which I think of Braun for domestic appliances, German, Swedish and Italian manufacturers for cars, and British for hifi.

Some things of course are so subjective as to be simply down to taste. In the case of beer for example, the best I have found so far to my taste is this:


Ah Dieter Rams “As little Design as possible” philosophy - I have a great deal of affection for the designs, although I do feel the functionality and quality often let them down.

For Appliances - I think there is an (almost) undisputed champ - Miele - initially expensive yes - but if that hurdle can be overcome then that business case just goes on and on and on… I think they’ve been at the top of the tree for a long long time for this reason. The definition of “You get what you pay for”

Only Gaggenau come close in terms of quality - and they are Oligarch Money (well - used to be) so i don’t think they would make my own personal list of BESTS. Plus they’ve been bought by Bosch (same goes for Neff and Siemens) which they tend to keep quiet about.

Well you’ll not get too many dissenting voices on that!

…but there is huge controversy and polarised opinions within of course - Album? Song? Single? Member? Vocalist? Drummer?

But yes!

(Answering my own questions: Abbey Road, Something, Hey Jude, Paul, John, Paul!)

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Yes, those questions would require it’s own thread.

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Discovered this in Bruges.

Of course, must be served in the correct shaped glass at the correct temperature.


Another one from Belgium.

Used this 4 years ago when putting together my plastic bathroom. Apart from a couple of minute spots of mould in the shower, it still looks like new.

Different Class. :heart_eyes_cat:

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This may be of interest:



Always preferred GT85 over WD40.


Same company if not mistaken. I’ll stick to the original one. There’s also Ferrosol as well which I read is better than the ones above mentioned. I guess I’ll never know!:sunglasses: