Simply the Best…

Worn with a tactical belt ?
Going hip hop style worn low around the arse would result in limited manoeuvrability over those mountain tops.



Are they stretch?
I don’t climb (unless on an MTB, lol) but they look baggy. Don’t they catch on stuff.Elasticated ankles, get that.

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Those trousers are, for me, the ultimate comfort weapon for sport climbing. :sunglasses:

They have it all! :star_struck:

  • They are, of course, stretchy.

  • The waistband tightening system is harness compatible.

  • The waistband is not elastic so the trousers don’t end up like the ones in @TOBYJUG pictures. :joy:

  • They are pre-shaped at the knees

  • Thy also include an essential element that many brands forget: the balls bag! Those who have already spent hours at a belay station will understand the crucial importance of that extra piece of fabric between the legs. :wink: :rofl:

  • They have a mobile phone pocket (not that useful) and a toothbrush pocket (very convenient!)

  • You can do the splits without getting stuck :leg:

  • They look nice (but that’s subjective).

When climbing, the bottom of the trousers are obviously folded up a bit.

ProRock is Polish brand.
The pants are designed and made in Europe. :innocent:

The pants in action !
The trousers on this picture are finished, worn to the bone.


That’s my wife with a woman’s version of those fabulous pants :muscle: :sweat_smile:


These are like the 500 series shoes to go with your 552 and Nd555 brown corduroy set up trousers and jacket suite.


Having come back from a holiday cottage the other week with another ridiculous Heath Robinson corkscrew you can’t beat a good old Waiter’s Friend. I keep four - home; car; day rucksack and hiking rucksack.


I can,t remember how many emergency bottle openers we have purchased while away😥

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Great value for money.

I do like those shoes. :+1:

Nkw THOSE look like excellent house shoes …

As in, “They should not be seen anywhere in polite company outside of the house or home.”

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Oops … I though they were actually a slipper type, or a house shoe. Hope I didn’t offend.
We had some older German friends for many years and anytime they came to visit, they brought a bag with their house shoes which they would change into as was their custom.

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The Leica M10 Monochrom
Absolutely the best in the world at what it does, which is taking black and white pictures. No colour required.


As with all Leicas, it’s a gimmick. Decent colour cameras don’t have a optical by pass filter anyway and the absence of a colour filter array obviously hasn’t improved the image quality, as I’ve played with raw images from this camera and they weren’t anything special. In fact they were relatively poor. The initial highlights are non-retrievable and the overall dynamic range was poor. I played with images captured with a Summicron 28 f2 at various apertures and the images quality were just ok, nothing special considering there’s no colour aberrations to deal with. The only good aspects are high resolution and the noise was very low at 160iso.

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Yeti rambler with chug cap. Best insulated bottle. Beautifully made and designed.

edgeglowe 3
I just had a Velux light tunnel fitted whilst having the bungalow re-roofed.
I knew they were meant to be good, it is much better than good, possibly the best. It turned a dark north-facing room into a room filled with light and I can now move away from white paint if I so choose when I decorate once building works are completed.


That’s brilliant! I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the next reno we do.
Thank you.

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They will also patch holes, replace pop studs etc. The reproofing is easy enough to do at home albeit a little messy and aromatic…


Nice camera, but I am surprised that nobody mention iPhone?

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Ok, Count. If you say so it must be true :roll_eyes:

I have to take back my criticism of the weak spring on my Felcos. After a full strip down, cleaning, greasing and sharpening as per Felcos (rather poor) instructions the spring now works as it should, even with a bit if sap on the blades.