Single Powerline

If you already have NDX2 and NC(?)250, then consider keeping NDX2 and adding NAC332. Auditioning will tell you if, for you, NDX2 out performs NSC222 - unless you intend to reduce box count. Depends whether you want the best sound, ymmv.


just out of interest Dan, have you compared powerline to the chord purple?


I used the Chord purples on the 135s before. The Powerlines are darker, deeper bass and soundstage is improved. Greater clarity and distinction.

Powerlines are made for Naim so should be very good and they are.


Having listened to the NSC 222 I am not sure it will be an upgrade unless you get the 300 NPX. With your set up I would consider a 282 and change out the Supernait and keep the HiCap and NDX2. That would be a good balanced system.

The new classics are very expensive new. I am not sure what budget you are on.

I have been most impressed with the 332 with 300NPX and 350s.

The NSC 222 with 250 NC with the 300 NPX is a nice combination. But I think it’s expensive compared to OC used.


so overall suits Naim gear with powerlines, reason im asking i have two of the purple power cables knocking about, one is on my blu ray player i think. never tried them with naim though

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I think the Chord purples sound better than powerline lites.

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This makes sense, hence 282 recommendation.

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Agreed Dan, I only went for my NC kit to replace Nova, with minimum box count, so currently no NPX (maybe someday) because room and speakers in second system, needed more oomph!
Still not clear if the OP has NC250 or what, but 282 would make a lot of sense vfm. There was mention on one of the classic threads about 250s, but new ones seem now to be termed NC. The predecessor to the 250Dr was a 250.2, but the ‘point’ designation was only used briefly iirc.


For what it is worth, here are my thoughts…

Adding a Power-Line to the source will make the overall presentation more cerebral or analytical.

Adding a Power-Line to the preamplifier will add more emotion to the music.

Adding a Power-Line to the power amplifier will add more weight, boogie, PRaT to the system.

The Power-Line allows you to fine tune your system with your speakers and your room.

There is no right or wrong. What works best will be system and room dependent. And, of course, personal preference.

I hope this helps.


I think this is why I went with powerlines on preamp and power amps. They are very very good. If going for one I would suggest preamp first.

I then did the block I think. And then with the 135s it has to be 2. It’s a big investment.

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There is no right answer, you might need to almost certainly move the Powerline around… but I would focus first on the NAC powersupply, or the NAP.

Some devices, particularly non Naim devices, arguably don’t ‘sound’ best with a Powerline.

For me Powerlines are all about adding greater insight and feel. Things like PRaT and groove etc don’t really get affected much… in my experience, so I don’t experience it the same as @razzzor1963 … it’s largely about reducing microphonic noise through better decoupling,… which can give a more natural and engaging sound to your ears.

If by doing this a subtle tonal shift is applied into your system as a consequence, it can give an added bonus of being more ‘emotional’ or adding more groove or rhythm in your system… however in my experience if this becomes significant it might be more likely to be showing an issue with speaker room coupling/ reflections in your setup listening space.

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I went full loom PowerLines. Once you whip one in you want more, so a complete set is inevitable. It just makes sense, once you get going. I managed to find all of them (new) at discounted prices, so be patient is my advice.


Agree, all my Naim devices without captive leads have Powerlines… acquired over the years when opportunities present them selves…. I actually have some spare now as I have downsized, but not selling them… you never know…


As I wrote above I tried at the time with my single Powerline on each different component for about a week and landed on my HiCapDr. I read various opinions on the old and new forum and spoke with my dealer etc. The final decision came to my own ears(room, system etc) and thought it sounded best “hear”(:slight_smile: ). Bottom line it did take me awhile to have a PL throughout my system but well worth when taken as a whole, full loom as Stephen says.


Ended up getting two of them, as most of them suggested I have connected one to the NDX2 and the other one on NC 250, will swap in a couple of months on other equipments to see how much difference does it makes.


I got two Powerlines today (second hand) as well. I also plan to use them on my poweramp (250DR) and on the NDX2. This will also mean one chord shawline now will be the cable connecting from wall socket to the isotek sirius powerblock.

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I have connected Audioquest monsoon to the matrix 2. Will it make any noticeable difference if connected the powerline from wall to the matrix 2 :thinking:

I have never tried different powercables to the powerblock before, so I don’t really know if this makes a big impact, compared to connecting the powerlines to the different units. Perhaps other members have tried this?

Yes it makes a significant difference in my system. To the better I might ad. These days I have no standard power cables on my Naim equipment or power block.

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Best cable from wall to block is the normal routine. I saw those PL at Akkelis today :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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