Sir Elton John - Re branded

I can’t take any credit for this. Spotted in today’s Mail On Sunday.

Following last weeks revelation that Sir Elton John’s annual electricity bill for his Surrey mansion is £50,000, the artist formally known as the ‘Rocket Man’ is now the ‘Socket Man’.

He has taken the opportunity to rework a few former hits:-

_ I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Fuse

_ Circuit Of Life

_ The Switch Is Back

_ Philadelphia Free-ohm, & my favourite,

_ Saturday Night’s Alright For Lighting

I believe Sir Elton has a good sense of humour so I assume he will have had a chuckle at this.

Best wishes to him.


On the B Side

Goodbye Yellow Lit Road

Someone Saved My Light Tonight


I have spent a large part of today trying to come up with some of my own & totally failed.

You have made me feel totally inadequate!

Lol !!!

If there is a power cut he will need (500) candles in the wind



Each post is making me feel more inadequate. Probably explains why I soon gave up comedy script writing for a thrilling 45 year career in the insurance industry…


Don’t Go Breaking My Scart !


The irony is one of his tracks was called Turn The Lights Out When You Leave lol !!


Clearly ignoring his own advice…


I don’t think he’s worried about leccy bills. As he once penned:
Sparks inside of me
And It’s free, It’s free“

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Sound like he keeps Naim system powered up 24/7!


Levon ?


Oh, very subtle …

Are you plugging records

What a strange comment to make David.

I saw an article in the UK’s most popular Sunday paper, posted about it. Like me, several forum members found it amusing & chose to join in the fun by contributing witty replies.

Alternatively, Sir Elton contacted me to advise that he was a bit cash strapped at the moment & could I help him raise some readies towards his next electricity bill by flogging a few 40 year old records on the Naim forum.

BTW, I have finally thought of one myself. His bills would have been more manageable if he hadn’t left the electricity ‘Sixty Years On’!

Please take this reply in the spirit it is meant. I have no wish to offend you.

You clearly missed the pun about plugs and electricity

Light…isn’t everything

You’re right David, I did.

See it now that you have pointed it out.


Dad humour! Gotta love it.

I do wish Reg would bugger off and enjoy a dignified retirement though.

He is doing his back catalogue immense damage. I made the mistake of buying a cd of Diamonds - and yup they have been polished alright, into completely bland pop turds.

I liked his early work, and loved the live albums in small settings when he started out, he had a real vibe and a bit of an edge to the music. Still have lots on vinyl and early CD replacements for the vinyl (which really doesn’t enjoy your best mate leaving it in his car). Now sadly, he is the Liberace of our times.

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To be fair, if I could afford a 50k powerbill, I probably wouldn’t care that much about what an internet warrior thought! :wink: