Skipping CDs

My cd5i skips particularly the last track. Any idea on what i should do?

First step always check the puck, especially the older style ones, making sure the rubbers are proud and not flattened. Is it all CD’s? Check they’re clean, no scratches, dirt etc. Hopefully that does the trick, if not you might be looking at something a bit more tricky.

I fear it’s something a bit more tricky. Looked at all of your other suggestions to no avail.

I had a CD5i that did exactly the same. I ended up sending mine off back to Naim and they replaced the display, logo, mech, and gave it a firmware update. It came back sounding better than ever. Whether that is financially viable to you is another matter. I did mine so i could hand it to my son as a present.

Sounds like a failing mech. A job for Salisbury (post-lockdown I imagine).

I had skipping and particularly non playing with an ERR message on my CD3.5. The puck looked fine but I changed it anyway on the off chance. Got lucky maybe as the problems disappeared.

Puck is under £10 I believe, so worth a shot if you haven’t tried it yet.

It’s a magnetic puck and is fine. Unfortunately it’s more serious than that.

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