Skipping Core?

Hi Hive,
My Core has developed a slight stutter… When a new track starts to play - about 6-7seconds in - it takes a slight 0.5s stutter step. Very odd. Has anyone experienced something similar? Not sure if the hard drive is too full? Or perhaps App issue? Thanks…

What streamer are you playing through? My first guess with problems like this are network problems - either at your Core, or at the streamer. And are your streamer(s) connected via ethernet or wireless?

As a first check, you could try power cycling (turn off, wait for 30 seconds, and turn back on again) the Core to see if this has any impact.

thanks jono. the core unity is fed into Denafrips Pontus2 via coax. nothing wrong with the dac. everything is connected using ethernet. not using streamer?..suspect app issue. will reboot core and see if it cures the problem.

I also would suggest a power off restart of your Core.

I don’t think it’s an app issue. The effect you are seeing has not been reported here by anyone else.

How much space do you have on your Music Store? Once you get to about 90% full, you can get all sorts of odd effects.

thanks david - i use internal SATA 8Tb (with 6Tb available) with external backup of 3Tb. so plenty capacity left. Will reboot and rebuild library. see if that gets rid of the problem. thanks

still doing odd skip. need to contact naim and sort out…

The max disc capacity for Core is 6Tb, according to Naim. Therein may be the problem.

It’s the maximum tested size that’s 6TB. I know of quite a few people here who run more than that with no problems.

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