SKY Audio via NDX2

dear community,

i am streaming all video ( netflix, apple+,disney, and such, as well as TV channels and SKY) through a SkyQ receiver onto a video projector using HDMI.
the audio is currently running through an optical cable into an AV-receiver which is ok.

I wonder if I could, instead of going through the receiver, run it into my NDX2 and use my naim chain to deliver the audio.

i tried, but it only produced funny sounds -strange digital false sounds so far.

What’s the secret? can anyone help me with settings that i might have to adjust?
or do i need a special optical cable ?
or is the Sky output not compatible with NDX2’s DAC ?

Sky Q decoder only has an optical out ( alternatively you can run audio also via the HDMI which i don’t want to do )

looking forward to your thoughts and all the best for December 22 !

Have you changed the Sky Q box to give a pcm audio output?


As Gazza says, there should be an option to set the audio output on the sky box to be PCM 2.0.

It sounds like it’s sending a multichannel signal out at present, which is why you are getting the strange noises.


no, have not :thinking:
will check that out asap inam home today !
thank you !!

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thank you as well. will check !!

have you ever encountered that the sound gets “lost” after changing channels, or pause a film, or switch from e.g. netflix to any other streaming source ?

i have this quite often at the moment and the only work around is to change channels on the AV reciever then and switch back. it seems the AV needs to get a “fresh” signal or such …

i am hoping that this does not happen anymore when running through NDX2. also may improve in sound quality?!?

at the moment my setup is through a cambridge AV that then pre outs into the 282….

I’ve not had that issue with either my Virgin V6 box or DVD player which are both used through my 2-channel system. What I do find is sometimes on power up, although the input is locked to the signal from the V6 box, there is no sound. Switching channels sorts it out so I think it must be a ‘feature’ of the V6 box as it happens on my Linn KDSM and also did the same on my NDX2.

The NDX2 will certainly make the best of your other digital sources. Hope you get the settings sorted :crossed_fingers:

Thanl you very much.
switching to stereo in the sky setup was the key.
it now wirks fine and the cambridge is taken out for now. sacrafices surround sound on films but will give the pure stereo just through the naim chain a test drive now !

one more question though:
have you ever had a AV reciever run through the AV of a naim chain ?
with my cambridge setup throgh the 282/300 i always had a strong “buzz” sound when a HDMI cable was plugged into the cambridge.
any idea where that might came from ?
i exchanged HDMI cables several times, it was always there. so its not that….

anyhow, thank you again for the setting tip already !!

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Yes, this can sometimes happen when connecting AV kit to Naim systems via analogue inputs. You could try something like this isolator between the AV amp output and your 282 to see if that helps.

Out of interest, I see you have a CD5XS listed in your profile. Is this connected to the 282 or are you using its digital output into the NDX2 ?

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cool, how do you call this isolator and is that something you buy from any store or is there a
highend version which makes sense ?

yes i have the cd5xs and run it straight through the nac, not digital via ndx.
i tried, but felt it sounded nicer that way.
i am running it with a chord din cable.

You shouldn’t experience any issues with Sky Q into NDX2 via Optical.

We have Sky into NDX2 and it works a treat. No lip sync issues, we regularly switch between live TV/recordings/OnDemand/Apps and also SWMBO sometimes forgets we can AirPlay to NDX2 and chooses Sky Q box - never any issue with loss of sound or sync during all these moves.

Interestingly we found we preferred the Sky Q into our NDX2 rather than directly into nDAC. No idea why when an optical feed is being used, but the NDX2 adds something here.

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cool, thank you ! with the help from
Gazza and James_n, i realized i had to change settings to stereo in the sky menu and… it works :grinning: !
will test it now with this “direct” setup:
video from sky straight to projector and audio optical straight to NDX2.

thank you !!!
looking forward and all the best !!

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Ah ok - you might want to check that you have the NDX2 ground switch set to float as the CD5XS is also providing the signal ground to mains earth connection. You only want this to occur in one place.

The isolator - about £10 or so from Amazon. Worth trying and there shouldn’t be much of a drop in SQ. Certainly better than having a buzz and if it doesn’t sort it then you can send it back.

You’ll only need it if you still intend to plug your AV kit into the 282 to use the Naim kit as the front channels for movies.

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will try with the cd/ndx !

and thanks for the hint on the isolator.
will get one and try it.
i will for now use the ndx set up and see how it feels with “only” stereo while watching movies und tv shows. but it i start missing dolby surround, and the isolator takes away the buzz, i ll might go back that route !
thank you again for all the help !
very appreciated!!

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hi james, thank you again for the isolator tip. it worked ! :grinning: no buzz anymore and SQ is fine.
hard time now deciding … stereo with ndx dac or dolby through Cambridge av naim… well, will give it a good comparison the next weeks.
take care and once again, thank you !


That’s good news.

Glad it all worked out and you are buzz free :+1:

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