Sky Hub and Unitistar update

Creating a new thread as the Eero and Google Mesh thread isn’t applicable.

I moved the Sky boost box from downstairs to upstairs so that my wife could cable her laptop to it. Doing that has improved overall WiFi coverage and the App / Unitistar connectivity is now very solid. Netgear Orbi has arrived today but I’m now thinking that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so will hang on to it for a couple of weeks before deciding what to do. The iPad is pulling 45+ over the air from 50 at the socket, so it is unlikely the Orbi will deliver more if I connect it up.

So, is it likely that the problem was caused by some interference from having the router and boost on the same floor of the house?

Whatever the ‘technical’ cause, the booster does look guilty…

I think you are right - if it’s still solid this time next week stick with it.

Yesterday’s post prompted the Sky system to glitch again :blush:

I’ve disabled the WiFi and connected up, in AP mode, an Orbi router and 1 satellite. It’s okay most of the time but drops occasionally, so it hasn’t solved the problem. I would need to buy another satellite to be able to cable the Naim up.

The Orbi app is good as it shows how all devices are connected. The Naim is sat on 2.4 and the iPad on 5. I tried separate ssid with the sky router last week and that made no difference so I reckon that’s a red herring. If it works on mixed mode 99% of the time then I doubt separate ssid on the Orbi will help much.

The Orbi is shifting 50mb over WiFi . There are about 20 devices on the network, most of which are ‘sleeping’ most of the time (phones, macs, work laptop, tablets, TV, Amazon etc). I spoke to a guy at SSAV who said he runs about 70 on his.

Any suggestions on where to look next? I’m kind of on the verge of giving up as life is relatively short

Bother! :confused:

Anything in the Orbi configuration to force the Star onto 5GHz? That was my ‘solution’ with a Virgin Hub 3.

If domestic harmony allows - you might temporarily relocate the satellite Orbi so you can wire the Star, or run a long patch cable. It would be good to find a topology that stays solid and work from there!

I’ll look into that…I am temporarily running a cable from the Orbi router to the Naim to see what happens. I know that Ethernet over main fails dismally for discovery

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When cabled to the Orbi satellite, discovery doesn’t happen at all. I’ve put it back on the WiFi for now as cabling doesn’t solve this.

New behaviour this afternoon.

With the app closed the system has suddenly started to take itself in and out of standby every 5 seconds or so. It shows the Play Queue screen and then goes back into standby.

Surely this hardware is faulty?

That definitely doesn’t sound right! I’d drop a line, and also speak to your dealer

Hi Claire

I have sent Tech Support video of the behaviour, and spoken to them. They said just recycle power. I’m not happy with the response as this is not an isolated incident with this unit given all of the failures of it to connect to the App.

If you look in my recent threads, and some dating back 6 months, then it seems to me that the evidence is building towards a faulty unit. Of course I could be wrong.

My local dealers are closed now so I’m not sure how to get this investigated thoroughly. If the dealer was open I’d borrow an Atom for a couple of days and see how it performed.


Hi Paul. When you say your local dealer is closed, do you mean just for lockdown (as opposed to closed forever)? If so, i’d drop them an email or phone call, because most dealers are still arranging deliveries, support etc.

Hi Clare

Yes, I meant lockdown. I’ll ping them and note and see if they are around. SSAV in Oxford are doing as you say but I live in Winchester, so it’s a fair old trek.


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Ah. Factory reset?

Hi Clare

We’ve not quite reached this point yet, but who do I need to escalate this to if Tech Support won’t support a return of the unit?


I borrowed another Unitistar today from my dealer and so far neither it nor the app have missed a beat. I’d forgotten how the system was meant to work properly

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