SL for 300

Hi all, my system is cds3/xps2/252/300, all powerlined and in fraim
Have been using SL IC and speaker cable, so next step is consider to upgrade the original xlr cable to SL xlr cable for my 300 (full loom), is this a noticeable upgrade and worth?

Or other would prefer upgrade the xps2 to 555ps, instead of SL xlr?

My main concern is the sound will be changed more hifi and not as release as my current set up, so that is not belongs to upgrade but presentation change.

My favor music is pop, pop rock and some jazz, so the main concern is the mid range (meaty/natural vocal sound), so that is the reason that i don’t want to upgrade to DR version (DR sounds more hifi and thinner than non DR)

Would appreciate for your suggestion/opinion on the above two upgrade options.

That certainly isn’t my experience of the DR versions over non-DR…

Best Jerry. Your statement about DR vs non DR is completely the opposite to, what I have found. Am curious as to what experience re DR, that makes you state this? Peter

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My experience with DR upgrades on HiCap2 and 250-2 are exactly the opposite. Bass became more refined and the mids were more richly-textured and musical after the upgrade, without losing any resolution/definition (and that improved too, actually).

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@Best_jerry brought in a 300 in to my system couple of years ago and then got 300 DR, IMO the DR takes the 300 on to another level completly, my source is LP12 and NDX and has improved both in detail and musciality and for me is certainly not a thinner sound, in fact for me the oposite

if not that I would look at 555 on the CDS3 and on XLR either SL or Cord

hi!I changed those for witch hat cables and really liked the effect, haven t tried SL,but based on the price alone, they should be better than what i have.For a while i had only one pair of new cables(active sistem),so i d swap them between bmr and bass amps.Gotta say, difference was pretty audible.Regular cables don t have any shielding, i think;so they sound harsher.

Are you using Morgana XLR on your 300? I might look into that later. SL XLRs are out of range.

morgana up,old ones down.difference is small between those two,but quite big compared to regular cable

of course,those are much more expensive than naim cable,so whether cost justifies the outlay is different matter

Still a fraction of cost for SL.

yup,not willing to splash that much on cables

Noted the above DR comments.
Would like to go back to my question, what about the presentation difference in between the original xlr and SL xlr for 300? Is this upgrade obvious and worth?
Thanks again for your input!

And “old ones” meaning the OEM Naim cables for 300 XLR? If the difference is small I’ll pass since its about $800 for a 1m pair.

no,old witch hat xlr s,both of those,morgana and the old cable(forgot the name,sorry),are,imho,far better than cable you got with nap 300.


on cables I would demo SL, Morgana and Cord XLR

Anymore can share about the SL xlr v.s original xlr, thanks

I’ve recently swapped the stock cables with SL DIN-XLRs on my 300DR. The SL cables are a noticeable upgrade, not exactly jaw dropping, but they give a more refined sound - top end is clearer with a better defined, tauter bass.

If you already have the SL interconnect then it’s worth upgrading the DIN-XLRs. I’d recommend buying preloved (as I did) or ex demo. They are overpriced at £3K for a new set.

I have SL din to XLRs. As well as giving more detail they are more natural and give a much greater insight into the musical performance. They do sound funny at first and take a good while to sound right. I’ve found a great synergy between them and the speaker cables. In my view DR makes more difference than the SL cables and they the two work extraordinarily well together, which is perhaps to be expected as they both come from the Statement project.

Hi bongoman, any difference/change about the mid range ?

Hi hungryhalibut, can u also advise the sound is thinner or thicker?