SL for 300

These are not descriptions that mean anything to me. I cannot do better than the description I’ve already given.

i don t think presentation changes, it s just clearer, for example, easier to understand the words of the songs.

@Best_jerry if you are looking to purchase any cables blind on the inta web, I would suggest not too

any dealer worth their salt should lend you the leads to try on your system before you purchase, this may cost a little more but well worth it IMO

Best Jerry, I found that in my system when I changed the standard xlr to S/L completing the full S/L loom the system just sounded better in a musical sense the changes are more subtle than changing the Interconnect and speaker cables but more than worthwhile.

The full S/L loom has a certain synergy it just brings everything, together expensive but worth it.

The system at the time was NDX/XPS dr/252/Supercap dr/300dr all powerlines and Spender D7 speakers, having the full S/L loom has also ensured that any future upgrades have benefitted from this.

Although I ended up, for reasons not worthy of repetition in this context, plumping for a NAP250DR, I exhaustively demoed SL speaker cables vs Chord Epic Reference with a 300DR. The interconnects were SL. To my ears the Chord was a comfortable winner. The ‘synergy’ of a SL full loom so beloved of many contributors was simply not there. The mixture of SL and Chord is fantastic.

I know mine is pretty much a lone and heretical voice, but I feel it’s important to give the balancing point of view. As ever, the mantra is to try before you buy, and choose what your ears tell you is the best, not a forum consensus.

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