SL for ND555

Hi all

I have super lumina full loom plus naca5 for speakers. I tried chord music etc but always preferred the “live” replay of naim SL in context of ND555dr/552dr/300dr.

Question - i am going to homedemo a non-naim integrated amp against my trusty 552dr/300dr and want to keep a SL interconnect, so only change is the amp.

Should I use SL din to rca, or SL rca to rca. I will have to purchase the IC for the homedemo so appreciate any advice


You forgot to state what connection types the amp in question has

I guess its RCA as he needs an RCA at one end and Naim amps are DIN.

I would personally go for the DIN/RCA. When demoing the new amp, it would be great if you could start a thread so we can all follow.

I have had 552/300 and its excellent, really hard to beat. The 500 is a very worthwhile upgrade btw but for the money the 552/300 is great!

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Many thanks both

Sorry yes, the new amp only has RCA inputs. Its a brand new one from Aavik - u-580.

I will start a new thread when listening to it.

My trusty 552dr/300dr will be hard to beat but will struggle to keep the large rack in the years to come.

Br Lars

for best sound you want rca to din interconnects.

If you are going to lose the large rack and possibly the 552/300 in future then rca-rca is the long term one… but would you still want SL?

I am very curious on your future impressions with the Aavik.
Previously you were interested by Vitus. Have you heard it? Or changed your mind ?

Hi Mick

Many thanks. So you would use din-rca from a ND555 to a non-naim amp for best sound?

Br Lars


I arranged to get the vitus homedemo and then covid hit. I read in dunc’s thread that a) clearly best in class a and b) it runs warm in that mode. Also they seem to recommend not to keep it on in class a at all times. So not sure vitus will be a practical choice for us.

The family uses the system a lot so i need an amp that can be turned on all the time and be fit and forget. That seems to be the case w aavik - and its another local/danish option for me. As i use nd555 as single source I was not hooked on paying for dac and riaa in the u380. However they just released a pure integrated amp u580 that should be cheaper and better (w/o riaa and dac). So will give that a try.

Br Lars

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Hello Lars
Naim recommend din connections for best sound, so din at the 555 end would be ideal if you are keeping the 555 long term.

Many thanks! Yes will keep nd555

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