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Have just had SL speaker cable fitted, will take time to run in by all accounts. I’ve not seen much discussion of the interconnects but would need 250DR to HCDR and 282 to CD5XS , it’s a massive outlay so seeking folks experience with them and crucially are they worth it £ ?

You’ve opened a can of worms here Calum. Ultimately only you can decide if they’re worth it, but a quick search will reveal multiple topics similar to yours. Most reputable dealers will permit a home trial and I suggest you do this in parallel with other well-regarded brands, though @Richard.Dane will probably shout out for the standard Grey/Lavender (never sure of the colour!) interconnects which are both reasonably priced and perform well (they do in my similar system)

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Only you can decide……i felt they did not work in my system and room, others like them.

It’s a huge outlay in the context of the system but only you can tell if they provide value. I’ve not tried them but can vouch for the Witch Hat Morgana cables. It may be that something along those lines provides you with what you want at a more palatable cost. The 30 day trial my be worth a go.
If you are planning on a move to a NAP 300 at any stage, remember that the stereo DIN to XLR would need to be replaced by a mono pair.
If you really fancy the SLs why not look out for a pre-loved set? There are frequently 5 pin DIN interconnect versions on eBay, albeit less of the DIN / XLR version.

I added SL Speaker Cables and an SL interconnect to my 272/250DR system and didn’t regret it for a moment…… after they’d run in :smirk:.

However, as others have said, it’s a lot, lot, lot of money and only you can decide if it’s worth it to you, but a home audition is absolutely essential to a) compare with your current cables and b) to compare with any other contestants for the job.

SL aren’t the world’s most expensive cables, but they’re not cheap either……. and the standard interconnects supplied with Naim sources/amps aren’t bad by any means.

The final choice is down to how it sounds to you and the available budget. Don’t forget, there’s always the occasional s/h opportunities from the usual sources as well.


S/H is the way I went. No way I could justify new prices for any of the "high and higher end* cables, and SL are by no means the most expensive, as you said, Dr_J.

Do you already have a good stand and dedicated mains? Both will make more of a difference, very likely for considerably less.


SL DIN-XLR between 272 and 250DR made a much bigger difference to our system than SL speaker cables and was cheaper! Recommended.

For what it’s worth I found no benefit in using an SL cable between my NDX and 282, although I did find a big uplift from using SL speaker cable. When you say you’re thinking of getting one to use between CD5XS and 282, I would consider a CD player upgrade as possibly more beneficial, but your profile says you use an NDAC between them so maybe that’s what you would use the SL cable to connect?

Ok yes between 282 - nDAC

Interestingly that’s what I home auditioned first and when I was satisfied that it made a worthwhile improvement, I subsequently auditioned the SL speaker cables.

Also agree with HH’s comments re rack and mains feed, although installing a new, isolated, spur from the consumer unit could be quite expensive not to say disruptive to home decor…….


A lot depends on the location of the incoming supply relative to the HiFi, but a simpler dedicated mains supply would cost a fraction of the price of the SL DIN cable.

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