SL2 external crossover screws

Anyone know the screw size used to hold the SL2 external crossover onto the rear of the cabinet?

I don’t know the exact size, just that they are small dome headed wood screws, but if you email Naim I’m sure they will have that info somewhere.

Do you have the rubber donuts?

If you find this out please let us know.

My crossovers are swathed in bubble wrap that holds them in place at the moment.

Yes have the grommets, but has mis-placed the screws… don’t ask :smiley:

I can have a look at mine in the morning and see if I can work out the size and thread pitch

Hi Jono,

Thanks, but just the length would be enough I think. Much appreciated.

25mm long from the flat base of the screw head

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Thank you very much, appreciated.

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