SL2 grilles

This may contravene posting rules but previous posts on this topic remain on the forum, including Richard Dane contributions specifically referencing Tom Tom.

So just to say that they’re back in stock. I’ve already ordered my pair.

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Assuming you aren’t commercially involved with Tom Tom Audio, it’s fine.

Good news too for any SL2 owners whose grilles are getting powdery. I can highly recommend these from Tom Tom Audio - they are super quality and exact replacements for the factory ones.


Shame the speakers are no longer made. I might even buy a second pair if they were


No vested interest from my side, just happy to get some new grills.

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Me Toooo!

100% True!! I have compared my worbe out with the new from Tom Tom.

Hi Folks!!
SL2 Grills now Available from Tom Tom Audio last time ever^^ production Run

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