Sl2 h/f tweeters

Hi Folks!!

My SL2 H/F Tweeter has blown!!
Darned thing just suddenly stopped emitting Audio.

Any ideas where one could aquire a Matched Pair.

I just cant be without my beloved SL2’s

Have you seen this current thread?

Best chance for a matched pair would be to contact Scanspeak themselves, or Naim though possibly too long since production for Naim to carry.
However necessity for matched pair may be a moot point if your room is not perfectly symmetrical including furnishings etc…

Are you certain it’s a tweeter not something in the crossover? Did something happen like a swich-on pop that might have overloaded it? Simplest way to check if they are easily removed is swap the tweeters between the two speakers.

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Thank you for such a speedy response.
Yes! Iam 100% certain.
I fed the same signal to right speaker and tweeter works fine.
I borrowed some SBL’s to be sure and all works perfectly as does H/F tweeter in Right speaker when fed via Amp that feeds left SL2 H/F Tweeter. Works perfectly. Definitely Left SL2 H/F Tweeter Dead.

I received a link To Falcon Acoustics, From a friend and ordered 2 pairs for myself and a Collegue.

Thank you once again for taking the time to respond with the info and comments.
Much appreciated…

Scanspeak have apparently agreed to make a limited number final production run in October.

Get your Orders in Folks.

The other thing to check would be the crossover. When I got my SL2s I had a problem with the low frequency on one channel cutting out intermittently.

It turned out to be a broken connection in the crossover where the low frequency speaker cable connected into the circuit board (which fortunately a friend could help fix with the right solder)

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Thanks for info…
The H/F Tweeter has infact died…
Ordered a set from Falcon.

I have ordered a set for mine as ‘stock’. I think they may be waiting for a new delivery as not heard anything after 2 weeks. Order was confirmed though.


Had an email from Falcon. The ‘final batch’ is being manufactured for delivery some time in October.

Best get your order in soon for these then. Not sure if applies to the other versions.


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Yes! Yes!

I have ordered 3 Sets!!

You may or May not Know^^ Scanspeak makes them in “Matched Pairs” It’s possible they are not matched to Naim’s original spec as they were further Matched by ear at Naim as I understand it. However, I can’t see ScanSpeak being SLap-Dash about anything they do.

This October Run is the very Last Run of these Classics. There after they are made to a different spec and Fitting criterias.

Which may not fit the Original Design parameters of Naim Speakers.
That being: SL, NBL, DBL

As per your statement herinafore…

Naimites! Get a Move On or Lose this Opportunity for Good.

Love My SL2’S

Shipment/Delivery confirmed to start sometime during October!!
ScanSpeak merely doing this Final Run as a Direct Result of High Demand.
NOTEDLY Run is Measured^^
Suggests Anyone eho has either of these 3 Naim Legendary Speakers…


Willy’s HiFi here in the UK has matched pairs in stock now.

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