SL2 Phase plug problem

Over the past week or so, the sound from my HiFi just wasn’t quite right. Nothing spectacularly wrong, just a subtle underlying distortion. Worrying that I’d have to somehow check through a dozen Naim black boxes to try and isolate the problem, I started by removing the grilles from my SL2 speakers and found that the black phase plug in the centre of the mid/bass driver on one of them had popped forward… I pushed it back into place and the problem seems to be sorted. Has anyone else experienced this? Do these phase plus occasionally come adrift? And if so, how are they best fixed back into place?
Thanks for anyone who can advise.

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Welcome to the new forum Mike. I used to value your thoughtful contributions in the old place so pleased to see you here.

The phase plug issue you encountered is not one I’ve experienced with my SL2s but I’m sure one of the SL crew will be along to opine soon and I’m glad it’s sorted now.

The phase plug is also a heat sink and is split into two parts - the front part connected to the rear by a dowel and an adhesive ring. The dowel can shrink and the ring can sometimes lose its adhesion with heat and time and so can require replacement or repair. Naim supplied a repair kit for this. It may still be available, so best ask your Naim dealer.

Thanks Dave and Richard for your helpful comments. Incidentally, is the later SBL mid/bass driver the same one as the SL2 uses? They look identical.

Yes, they are both effectively the same Naim-built drive unit.

Mike - did you manage to fix / resolve the issue with the phase plugs?

Hello Dave,
Well, I glued the plug in, but it doesn’t seemed to have solved anything. It’s really odd… nothing I can really put my finger on, but the sound just isn’t right… slightly dull with a hint of distortion. As I have a 500 active system there’s a lot of boxes and I’ve no idea where to start hunting so it’s probably back to Billy Vee, my dealer, for some help. Maybe one or more of my black boxes needs a service. So difficult to track a problem like this down and very frustrating. I’ll ask Naim’s technical dept too.

Hi Mike, that does sound odd and I agree that it’s best to get your dealer to take a look. Hope you can get it solved.

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