SL2 Set Up - Distance between Tweeters, and from Tweeter to Ear?

If you have SL2s please let us know:

  1. What is the distance between your tweeters?

  2. What is the distance from the tweeter to your ear when you are in the listening chair?

  3. How far is the back of the speaker from the wall?

  4. What angle of toe-in do you have, if any?

In my last house my tweeters were 190cm apart;
ears were about 210cm from the tweeters;
back of speaker was about 12cm from the wall;
and I had a few (maybe 4) degrees of toe-in (despite the manual recommending no toe-in IIRC).


Hi James, the ideal will somewhat depend on the tweeters distance to sidewalls preferably more than one metres I’d say. I used to have mine firing across in a 4.7x7 metres space around a fire place with 1.7 metres between tweeters ( 2xNap 300s active). Probably sat 3 metres away and with slightest of toe in. Speakers were 2 inches from back wall:

This is what gave me the best sound from them :+1:t3: You can always get me via JN. Best Peter

  1. 2.3m
  2. 2.0 to 3.0m
  3. 10cm
  4. No tow in

1.3m from side walls. Room is squarish with ceiling height half dimensions so not really ideal

Position dictated by room geography.

  1. Speakers 162cm apart (that is centre to centre)

  2. Approx 260cm

  3. 7.5cm from back of cabinet to wall.

  4. None

Don’t know if this helps in any way


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Thanks Peter

I remember that marvellous room from a previous posting.

(Those tiled walls must have been quite reflective.)

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Yeah sadly they were, but simply impossible to effectively treat that room, as you can imagine. Thankfully I’ve learned a lot in our new house given the opportunity to have a dedicated room to play in :partying_face: I would definitely claim to have a more balanced sound with my new set up yet retaining some of the musical treats from my cherished SL2s. As I said you can always contact me :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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