SL2 tweeter set up and speaker cable suggestions

I agree; two different things. The tweeter remains stationary while the lower cabinet oscillates on its leaf spring when the lower cabinet is pushed.

Equally - at least on mine - if I prod the tweeter it moves gently back and forth before stopping in its correct position.

It may be that we are talking at cross-purposes on this.

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Yes, my apologies, I mean’t pressing on the tweeter. It should oscillate back and forth.


Correct. The tweeter should oscillate when tapped. This is confirmed in the SL2 set-up manual.

“*As well as being adjusted to sit centrally when viewed from the front, and flush with the front panel, the Tweeter must oscillate freely without touching any part of either cabinet.”

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I’ll take that last post of mine back, the cabinets do have a bit of movement back and forth when prodded.

I still maintain that the tweeter arm will still slightly oscillate if gently pushed.

Sorry for any confusion.

Thank god I thought I had setup my SL2s incorrectly took me ages to perfect.

Thanks all for the tips. I’ll realign the tweeters when I’m back home tomorrow.

I’ve arranged to pick up loaner NACA5 at the weekend from my dealer to try out. He advised not to use non-Naim speaker cables with Naim amps and speakers.

The only bit I’m not sure about is the oscillating boxes. When I positioned my SL2s at the weekend, I made sure they sit firmly level on their spikes on the carpet. I can’t see how there can be any movement from the boxes when prodded? (or am I missing something?).

No you’re not missing anything. I had exactly the same thought as I read lots of posts about people knocking on the lower cabinet and making the speaker rock back and forth.

It’s one of those things that is quite difficult to explain in words and in practice it’s less obvious than it sounds.

But - if you give the lower cabinet a firm push you should see the tweeter appear to oscillate. In fact it’s not and it stays still but there is very slight movement of the lower cabinet on its “leaf spring”.

It is not a case of the speaker making dramatic movements.

I’m sure you’ve done this but you should have the spikes going through the carpet onto the floor below. Small slits in the carpet with a Stanley knife really help achieve that.

Ah, ok thanks. All makes sense.

I’ll probably make slits in the carpet & underlay for the spikes once I’ve decided their final position. I’m still undecided whether or not to move the rack around.

Hi Richard, in your experience/opinion if the three screws have been adjusted is it possible to diy realign them/it again?

I’ve never moved them myself so never had to adjust them back again. Best to consult with Naim I think.

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I replaced the tweeters in my sl2s. Don’t recall any alignment issues so I guess I just centered them on their mountings. Probably had to adjust the front baffles afterwards to get them centered as per the standard installation procedure. Few years ago now so hard to recall.
Anyhow the important thing was that afterwards they sounded rather good both in my system and in their subsequent home.




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