SL2 wobbly phase plug

Hi I am looking for advice on how best to repair a wobbly phase plug on my SL2s. The repair kit is apparently no longer available. From searching a previous post I think the two parts of the plug are held with a rubbery double-sided sticky pad.

I wonder what the best way forward is, either to use a similar pad if it can be found, a contact adhesive (slightly rubbery) or something like jbweld metal glue…

Has anyone solved this problem? Many thanks and best wishes,


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This tends to be a combination of the dowel shrinking slightly and the adhesive rings drying out from age and heat.

If it were me I’d look at cleaning off the old adhesive and cutting out some suitable rings from double sided adhesive tape. Better yet, if you can find some suitable dowelling then cut some new ones.

thanks Richard, yes I was thinking it must have some give in it for a reason knowing Naim and the hard jbwelding might not be a great idea

I feel sure Dowelling like that could be found on line.

Looks very similar to the ones Ikea use…

Most JB weld products are thick, high-build epoxy pastes. I would have thought regular glue would be more suitable - I’d go for the double sided tape.

thanks Chris, I used JB to fix a cast iron fire and it withstood powder coat temps! really hard stuff so yes I think the consensus is to re-dowel and some sort of tape pads.

Ian yes I think this will be the way, thanks :slight_smile:

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