SL2s and n-Sub

I have an active 135 set up with SL2s and for AV purposes I have an n-Sub/n-Cent/n-Sats that integrate with the system when watching movies via an AV2/175 combination.

I was wondering whether anyone has experience of using the n-Sub with the SL2s in a 2 channel music listening set up as normally when listening to music I just use the SL2s.

The n-Sub is connected via the subwoofer output of the AV2 so I would presumably need to connect it from an output on the 52 pre-amp to make this work. I presume the sub simply filters the input signal for low frequencies.

Keen to hear from anyone who has run like this as to whether there are any benefits or do the negatives outweigh the benefits?

I like the sound of the SL2s but after the Allaes they seem a touch bass light on some music… the suspended floor won’t be helping, but in a year or so they are moving to a new location with a solid floor. For now though was wondering about using the n-Sub.

All help appreciated.

Hi, I don’t use SL2s, but you can connect your N-Sub in one of two different ways.
You can use a spare DIN output on the Supercap to run a long interconnect to the N-Sub low level input. There is a possibility that this woll need to be ‘slugged’ with a resistor, as explained in the N-Sub manual.
Alternatively you can use any old cheap speaker cable from the speaker terminals to the sub high level inputs.


I own SBL and SL2s , the latter in my main system now. I would suggest that looking carefully at set up should give you very good bass on both speakers especially SL2 unless you really want rib shaking stuff. I have never found them lacking.

There is a good article on SL2 setup etc on here.

I did have a nSub with nSats in my office system working from a Qute, with speaker cables into the high level input but connecting to an active system is maybe going to be tricky that way. Have you looked at the nSub connections guide?


I’ve used my n-Sub with my SL2s in the past. I connected via one of the stereo pre-outs on the 552PS to the stereo input of the Subwoofer using the Naim stereo subwoofer interconnect. This comes in 5m or 10m lengths and is slugged with (IIRC) a 100R resistor so it can be properly driven by the pre-amp/psu. Alternatively you can connect via high level by running some thin speaker cable off the speaker terminals to the subwoofer. It will likely need a bit of deft soldering, but there could be advantages. You just need to enable that input on the n-Sub and set up the appropriate parameters. You can then switch between LFE AV input and the 2 channel input, even by remote control.

It can be fun running the SL2s with the n-Sub. However in the end I tended to disconnect the sub lead and run with just the SL2s when listening to music. I lost a bit of hifi thrill but gained in coherence and engagement with the music. I keep meaning to try again some day as the n-Sub is not doing anything at the moment. But next time I might try the high level connection instead to see if it makes any beneficial improvement.

Thanks everyone for the replies so far.

I should say that the connections are indeed something I can look up, it was more people’s experiences of doing it to see if it was worthwhile pursuing I guess. Thanks Richard for the comments re. the cables though.

The speakers are definitely set up correctly (thank you again Richard for the excellent guide) and it’s not really any complaint about the sound. I guess after using Allaes for 14 years you get used to the slightly overly coloured sound and while the SL2s are undoubtedly more detailed and ‘faster’ they are tighter in the bass region and I was just wondering if the n-Sub would add anything seeing as it’s sat there doing nothing except for films.

On second thoughts, perhaps the connections are not quite so simple. Although you should, I think, have a spare output on the Supercap, I presume you have a Snaxo, and I’m not sure if running the main speakers through that, but not the sub, would be OK?
Then again, if your Snaxo happened to be a 362, I wonder if the unused LF output would run the sub, but I admit I am guessing here!

Oooouff! You know how to hurt a bloke!

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Sorry as I don’t mean anything bad by that. I loved my Allaes and still do. They’re sat here next to me sold to a chap who is collecting them next week and half of me is saying ‘hang on to them’. It took SL2s to shift them out of my system, nothing else would and I’m still a little undecided if it was the best move in some ways.

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I have sussed the connections thanks to Richard and the manual. I need a Naim subwoofer cable that connects one of the unused DIN sockets on the Supercap to the L/R phonos on the sub. I can then set up a second profile on the sub for music. It needs to be from the Supercap so the signal changes with the volume control rather than using a line level out on the preamp which is fixed level… I should have thought of that.

Chris, with an active crossover, you would run the sub straight off one of the pre-outs (You should have at least one, probably 2 stereo pre-outs available). The pre-out signal is full range and then the n-Sub applies its own frequency cutoff.

Hi Richard, on the 52 I have 6 inputs (4,5,6 have line level out) and then the audio power supply Burndy socket and the digital power supply DIN socket but nothing else. As the power supply sockets are in use and the 4,5,6 inputs are fixed level I assumed I would connect to the Supercap to get a volume dependent variable line level output. Is that not correct?

Should clarify that my system is Olive 52/SC/SNAXO2-4/SC/135 x 4/SL2s.

Yes, you just connect to one of the 4 pin output sockets on the Supercap, so one for the Snaxo and one for the nSub.

I used an nSub very successfully with nSats, back in the day. I have SL2s now, driven by a 300 and the bass can go incredibly low. I have concrete floor and walls, so it’s perfect for them. Quite a few people on here use, or have used, an nSub with SL2s and been very happy with the combination.

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Thanks Richard, and apologies to the OP for providing more questions than answers! I just wondered if the slightly different (shorter) signal path to the sub compared to the main signal would be an issue, but from what you are saying, I guess it’s OK.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I think when I eventually move the system to my new property where it will have a bigger room with solid walls and a solid floor the speakers will be further apart the n-Sub probably won’t be a consideration. In it’s current location I’d like to give it a try at least.

Absolutely, go for it. Who knows, you might still want it when you move. The idea of bass down to 20Hz is very appealing. I sometimes wish I’d kept mine, though selling it was the right decision at the time.

Well, your system has been growing over the past 2 years or so. Certainly, you left your 3-box dogmatism behind, and the days of the Qudraspire gospel are long gone too… :wink: So maybe an n-sub will soon return to Casa Nigel when one pops up in the right colour… :wink:

That’s not going to happen. The bass is quite deep enough already.

I am using an n-Sub with my NBLs and appreciate it very much. Bass response has as much to do with the room as with the speakers in my experience. The SBLs I had previously couldn’t fill my 38 m2 room. The NBLs are much better at this but can still sound a bit weak at the bottom end. The n-Sub really improves on this room filling ability by giving the whole presentation more heft. The trick is to not cut the frequency to high in the range and limit the volume of the n-Sub output. I have a couple of settings (plus the mute option) that I switch between. I have purchased a second n-Sub and plan on experimenting with running two.

Try it. Good luck.


Hi Richard,

Wondering where to soldering the 100r resister? Can provide a simple diagram? As I also planning adding a nsub in my system.
Thank you.

IIRC, the resistor is soldered within the DIN plug but beyond that, I cannot say as I’ve only used the Naim-supplied sub lead. You could ask Naim by email.