Moved my new (to me) CD5XS into my office and connected it to the UQ2 via home-made RG6 BNC-to-RCA SPDIF cable. UQ2 Analog-In handles whole-house from the main system in the Living Room. I keep thinking getting rid of the CD players would be smart – then the music playing on them kills that plan.

Best source in my office is the CD5XS. Surprised, because, until now, the Line-In from the main system sounded better than the streamer on-board the UQ2, which made me doubt the DAC – the DAC is clearly wonderful with the CD5XS feeding it.

Hang onto your CD players, my friends, if you have the room. Sorry to say it!



I am not sure is because of the DAC. I have a Uniti Star and whenever I play CD it always sounded so clean and wonderful to me compared to Tidal. I have absolutely no idea why.

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