Slight Speaker noise from Naim NAIT 5si

Hi, I got a 5si recently which comes with a slight speaker noise. The noise is volume dependent and also occurs when there is no gear connected.

Is ist normal that the Naim isn’t dead silent when the volume is on max and I’m close to the speakers?

Comments appreciated - Kind regards

Hiss is normal for Naim amps

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There are 2 kinds of noise. A hissing when the volume is turned all the way down and doesn’t increase with volume - this is the amplifier output stage noise. Then there’s noise that increases with volume - this is usually from the source or from the preamp stages. You shouldn’t hear either noise with music playing quietly.

Absolutely normal

Thanks for your comments. So, the noise I hear seems to be typical. My „old“ Audiolab 6000a is very quiet in both dimensions sktn77a describes.

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