Slow Unboxing - Naim solstice

Looks like I’m the lucky albeit undeserving recipient of one of three solstices delivered in the US.


Got the boxes yesterday. Haven’t had time to start the unboxing process. I guess I want to enjoy the process of setup - so I’ll do it this long weekend when I have more time.

First step would be to get the 500 system with 2x555DR back to brain brawn. (Although - I honestly think one stack sounds better - since the Burndies can be up). And now - I’m not doing the criss-cross Apple sauce variant of Burndy driven stacking.

Anyway - if anyone wants to do an intervention right now would be a good time.

Tempted to make a YouTube video of the process. :slight_smile: since I hear US orders are going to ship in February.


Got through the first steps.

The vinyl was missing. Just an empty book with where the vinyl was supposed to be. Apparently no one has received the record.

I really like the new naim design language. Can’t wait to replace the other boxes with this new design languages.

As an aside - I’m not really a vinyl guy - wasn’t entirely sure why I bought this when the packages showed up. My friend Tyler likes to call me in the morning before I’ve had my coffee and can think straight. He said you need to have this: limited edition TT, 40 years in development, and all that Jazz. I’m not sure he said all that, but you get my drift.

Take my money, I said.

Unpacked the PhonoStange and the PowerSupply.

As a first step, just hooked up the New naim phono stage and power supply to a Rega RP6/Dynavector DV-20X2L. With previous dynavector or Rega phono stages this was not
really 500 level - but just replacing the phono stage with the new naim brings the RP6/Dynavector cartridge to not be out of place in a 500 series naim setup. Maybe it’s the 552 doing it’s magic.

Hey - liking this already! I like this new design language and the new sound.

[Rega RP6 with new Naim phonostage]

Taking it slow - will get to unpacking the Naim TT tomorrow - or tonight - with any lucky the kids will be asleep before me.

Stay tuned!


You are a tease😉


It’s too much like attention seeking to me. Just whip it out and slap it on the table. Or just don’t bother. We’ve all seen too many tedious unboxing videos, none of which are remotely interesting.


One solstice is much the same as another. We know what they look like.


Indeed! But I’m having fun!



This coming from a fellow American who awaits news from his dealer about my unit arriving Stateside. The excitement of seeing & handling the SSE is absolutely diminishing for me, but my ears & soul are about to climax with anticipation. I’ve been building a sizeable vinyl collection over the years, and unfortunately my 500DR / Scala V2 system has had to endure playing vinyl through a entry level Pro-Ject Debut Carbon tt. This is beyond criminal, but I have been patient. So I will be rejoicing when I get my SSE


Thank you! I’ve had a Rega TT for more than 10years - hoping to get more into vinyl with the new TT.

I don’t have a huge collection - I’ve just been buying stuff on vinyl that I liked to listen to on Qobuz. Every year or two, I mercilessly reduce the vinyl that I own - I feel this top grading helps maintain a high quality collection rather than a high quantity one.

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If you’re posting pictures & telling the forum what you have, you’re also attention seeking. (System pics anyone?)

Let the guy have his fun.


Hmmmm… I guess that says it all.


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I would of thought it the dealers job to unbox and set up… :neutral_face:


Why so?

Multiple owners on these forums have discussed & shown the SSE set-up to be rather simple, and easily performed.

Isn’t it Ok any more to just say “I like the design” ? :slight_smile:

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Pushed through. All setup and done.

All in all, not that hard at all.

I’ll probably do a clean up tomorrow - figure out the azimuth and all that stuff…

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And finally -

Need to figure out the azimuth thing. I used the azimuth to configure the weight instead of rotating the counterweight. The counterweight can be screwed in/out to adjust weight - screwing it in (clockwise) brings it closer, and hence decreasing leverage, and hence increasing the tracking force.

Now backed the azimuth back down and rotated the counterweight to get to between 2.2 g and 2.4g.

Platter as level as can be - tiny level Not 100% yet - but close.

Man! It’s been a while since I posted. And get the same pushback I used to. :slight_smile: nothing changed there.


Well done Mango! :+1:

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Thanks, Varyat.

@Naim.Marketing - The Naim setup video talks about adjusting the counterweight - but the guy in the video is actually fiddling with the Azimuth when he is talking about the counterweight, I think (hidden by his hand).

Also - Looks like the VTA adjuster is the knob with the numerical markings. If so, in the ARO Tonearm alignment section on page 18 where the manual goes on about adjusting the VTA, the knobs that are darkened - I think those are the Magnetic Anti-Skids controls, no? Why highlight the wrong thing?

Also - would be great if the manual said whether rotating it clockwise would take it down/up and vice versa.

Also - it’s not clear whether the bubble should be centered when the arm is at rest in the holder or on the record. And the video doesn’t make that clear either.

Tyler is super helpful - and will reply ASAP - this is more feedback - I figure it best that manuals should be clear too, given that one of the benefits of the TT is that it is fairly plonk and play.

To be clear - it sounds awesome - even without these fine adjustments, but you know the kind of people who gravitate towards vinyl…

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@debs - yes, the dealer helps do the setup - but I’m the kind of guy who takes everything apart the moment the dealer leaves - and ruins all the hard work of setup… so I like to do it myself now.

Here’s the funny thing - all the setup instructions on the Forum talk of Brain/Brawn - I’ve ended up with the left stack for ND555/552/500 + Power supplies - and right stack for the Vinyl gear. Sounds fine to me!


Last thing - Half-sized boxes and Naim Fraims have always been an issue. If set up to the right so the tranformers line up, some of the cables always touch the back of the Fraims (The ones that are closest the Fraim).

So @Naim.Marketing needs to do something thinking on the 1/2 sized boxes and Fraims…

Like I said earlier, love the new design! The glass/plastic on the front really looks cool!

Tomorrow he will show only the cable :joy:

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