Small active speakers - suggestions

Okay so we’ve sold our house… it wasn’t even officially on the market but someone in the village mentioned it to someone else and 2 days later an offer was put in and now accepted! So that was a surprise… I thought I had until the autumn before I needed to cross this hurdle but ho-hum!

Anyway (mentioned before) this involves a SERIOUS (temporary) downsize, so the SCM40 speakers and 2xP1 amps are going… less than a year old :frowning: I did consider putting them into storage but the eventual plan is to go for active SCM50s so it’s better to bite the bullet and move them on now whilst they have the best second hand value rather than stick them in a store room at work for perhaps 12 months and then sell them anyway!

The new plan is use the Bartok into some small active speakers for the temporary downsize house.

So I’m after some suggestions please for smallish active speakers that might end up close to a wall and perhaps shelf or similar for mounting and not massively expensive.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you considered the KEF LS50 Wireless? Not heard myself but great write ups

So how do they work from a Bartok streamer? I’m not sure it can be done.

Have you checked out ATC’s Pro range Steve ? I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and had a listen to the SCM 20 and 25 Active’s . The 20 are basically the same as the Domestic 19’s in a Black box and the 25’s are similar to the 40’s apart from the non ATC tweeter . Both had very similar traits to their domestic versions both of which I’ve owned . I think I’d be looking at the 20’s .

tbh perhaps a little more than I wanted to spend though, I admit, I haven’t really done much research into how much this idea will cost. Maybe I do have to go to 5K but I was hoping there might be something nearer the 3K price. Certainly I’d like to stick with that ATC sound if it can be done :slight_smile:

There are some very good deals on the Pro range Steve . Different market , I was quite surprised at the Price offered which was unprompted .

Otherwise as suggested the Kef ls50 are really good but they are a whole system on their own . The Bartok would be stored for a time but this would possibly be the most cost effective as the Kef’s would be easier to sell on or keep for a very nice 2nd system .

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I’ve never heard any Steve but ELAC do a small Active Speaker . Well in budget .

Having a look round it seems a number of people have used external DACs with the KEF’s vis USB port

Yes… the ARB-51 looks a likely contender.

I’d like to stay with the Bartok… going for a 100% app driven product (so not even a proper volume knob - LS50) is perhaps a step too far. Plus it means going down the vagaries of wifi etc…

I’ll have a word with my dealer re. prices for the small ATC Pro range.

It all depends on how Temporary your move is ?

I’d guess 1-2 years.

ATC then .

Alternatively to ATC, take a look at Neumann KH120A.

Even better KH310A.

Excellent active speakers with reasonable price tag.

ATC SCM20A secondhand around £2.5k. Otherwise PMC TB2A or tiny DB1A for maybe £1.5k. No idea what they’re like, but the ATCs may have some of the character you like of their bigger siblings. Try eBay, or HiFi Shark for more sources.

ATC SCM20ASL Pro Mk2. Only in black, about the size of a 30.1…LS5/9 but 12 cm deeper (sealed box + amps). It is the pro-version of the 19 but with upgraded tweeter and the beefier pro amp-pack. Cost new here in sweden about 6k probably seriously lower in the UK.

I tried a pair of these with my old 252 last weekend and it brought out what that preamp really can do, it was almost scary!! I had doubts about the 252. That has now totally changed :slight_smile:

If you like a laid-back hifi-sound then the SCM20ASL may not be the speakers fo you.

I agree with this. I tried a pair and preferred the passive ATC SCM19.

The Neumann’s are highly regarded in the pro audio world, some preferring them to the equivalent ATC, including Hugh Robjohns of Sound On Sound magazine.

Will they really not fit into the temporary house. Seems a shame to sell so quickly and lose quite a bit of cash ?