Small infinite baffle speaker for corner wall placement

Recently splashed out on a Nova to go with Dynaudio Focus 110’s.
About a week in the sound has opened up some way, but despite the added bass control the Nova gives me over my old Nait 5i, I’m thinking a rear ported(albeit bunged) speaker is probably not the way to go long term. I also own a REL Stampede sub which fills in the lowest octave nicely, so bass depth isn’t a problem. The upper bass needs a little reigning in because of less than ideal corner alcove placement, so I was thinking of Proac Tablette 10, Neat Iota etc
Any recommendations from you folks?

Audionote K if corners are what you have.

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Neat Iota might work there, perhaps on suitable wall brackets, but they are rear ported. ATC is another possibility; the entry series are sealed boxes and the HTS versions are designed for wall mounting. I think with the positioning constraints you’d be best auditioning first, though.


Harbeth P3 might be an option too, as they do shine with a decent amount of power. Running mine with a SuperUniti in a (previously) problematic room.

I have Proac Tablette 10’s with Nova and works well with Proacs against the wall. However you do miss the bottom octave with the Proacs (and bottom 2 octaves with Iotas!). I still want something that can go close to wall but with a little more bass. I am going to have a look at Proac twenty5.21’s as they are compact, front ported and supposed to be pretty side and rear wall friendly

Do you think the Proacs would mate well with a sub?

Just wondering if the Proac 10 Signatures might fit the bill and be worth the upgrade over the standard model. Guess a home demo will be needed. Thanks for the suggestions and keep em coming if anyone has more unusual models they have tried successfully.

I think you mean PMC. I have twenty5.21 and they are wall friendly - rear and side, mine are around 5 inches from the back wall with no apparent issues.

I have ProAc Tablette’s 10 SE in the bedroom; they’re nearly against the back and side wall. Little marvels. For the bottom octave they are supported by a JL Audio D108 sub. A fantastic combination with my Marantz HD AMP 1, and they should be still better with Nova.

New Neat Ministras are designed for close to the wall placement. Has isobaric configuration nd rear ported but seemingly good for rear wall placement. I’m about to arrange a home demo so can report back once they are in place.

I guess what you really need is a pair of N-Sats on dedicated wall brackets, but you would need some patience to find them.

Thanks - yes I meant PMC!

How do you find the Nova / 25.21 combination?Clearly small speakers can’t defy the laws of physics but the PMC’s are supposed to have decent bass for size. I have a medium sized rather than large listening space

I’ve recently replaced some Dali Oberon 1 speakers with Linn Majik 109. They are used on wall brackets and sound rather good.

They were an ex demo pair and go well with my Unitilite.

Big fan of the 109s here (and own a pair in my second system) but they do not sound their best close to the wall, IMO.

Also, assuming the OP really wants infinite baffle, they don’t qualify.

No they can’t defy the laws of physics, but they do have a noticeable amount of weight to the sound that you don’t expect from the size and which I didn’t hear from others I auditioned at the time. They do need to be run at a higher level than some speakers to get the weigh and to get going, but when you get there they are very entertaining and you can easily forget the time and spend most of the night playing music. The Twenty5.22 have more oomph, but I didn’t find them to be quite as engaging when auditioning.
My wife, who doesn’t really care for playing music, and certainly not about hi-fi, loves them so they must be doing something right. She even points out “my speakers” to her friends (or did when we were allowed into others homes), even though she had no part in choosing them! I was happy I’d found something domestically acceptable as it means there’s more music in the home than we had before getting them and the Nova.

That is really helpful - thank you very much

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