Small photo printers

Anyone have any recommendations for small/portable photo printers to be used primarily for printing from a phone?

I’ve had many photo quality printers over the years, but looking for a small one as a gift. My mind automatically thinks of Canon Selphy printers, but are they still current?

Main requirements:

  • good print quality
  • wireless connectivity
  • realistically priced consumables
  • small form factor 4x6 or equivalent prints at most
  • optional battery power

Any good or bad experiences?

We bought our eldest the hp sprocket 2x3 which works surprisingly well. There is a larger 4x6 version but it’s quite a bit more £.
She doesn’t use it that much though, the last paper refill I bought was April 2020!

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Thanks I found a review mentioning that one and I think of the ‘Zink’ (?) printers it did pretty well.

Selphy’s seem out of stock everywhere, getting differing information about Sprockets - HP may have discontinued but there’s still an outlet store.

I bought a Selphy for my daughter a few years back. It’s not bad. However, from what I recall, be aware it doesn’t take regular 4x6 paper, only Canon’s own fit paper (that matches the cartridge within it) which has tear offs at each end and is a pita if you can’t get it!

Should be fine if you find a printer and pre-order a couple of boxes of ink/paper!

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I like the current 6x4 it’s a dye sublimation printer so as you say won’t work with any old paper.

I think the Selphy is potentially the best quality wise, but it’s out of stock everywhere I’ve checked so no doubt will be in stock by the time I’ve ordered something else!


Cliffon cameras has them with 2-3 days shipping

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Thanks Jamie.

They currently say stock awaited if I search for Selphy but typically when you click on the black model the website differs and says >5 available. May give them a call. Have actually ordered an HP from Amazon, partly as in stock, but mostly as it will be smaller and more portable. If it was for me I’d want 6x4" prints, the HP is smaller however but may be just what is needed - fun rather than better quality - consumables are cheaper on the Epson, they may be complementary in fact.

We bought a Sprocket when they first came out about 3 years ago, we used all that Christmas and haven’t used it since. Not even sure where it is.

While I thought it was handy it was more of a novelty. Didn’t think the printing/images were that impressive either.

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Just to update, we got a Sprocket Select with a marginally but actually significantly bigger print size, though much smaller than 6x4".

Actually very good - compact, about the size of a portable external hard drive, rechargeable battery and takes ten sheets of paper at a time. Prints are via Bluetooth, and surprisingly good for such a small relatively cheap device. All in all a bit of fun for the recipient, the Canon Selphy would be complementary but is much bigger but consumable cheaper.

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