small scratches

any bright ideas of a paint type to touch up small scratches on cd5i casework please?

Nothing will match exactly. If they are miniscule, black permanent marker is how most retailers prep outging ex-dem. But if these are real scratches, Naim service might be the place to go for a replacement case. Which won’t be cheap. Any marker larger than a fleck point will stand out worse than the scratch.

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Yes a dealer would be able to fit a new sleeve, if available from Naim.

Its like a small scratch on a car. Depends if you can live with it. Never found touch-up paint on a car body any use. Thats why its £200+ a pop for a good body shop.

I would not think that you can fix it yourself, it’s like having a small scratch on a MacBook Pro. It is incurable unfortunately.

Then don’t attempt any fix yourself.

Either learn to like it as a patina of age on a loved system, or get a new case fitted.

Wipe marker immediately for a more mat/satin. Leave as is for shine

Often wondered what sort of price is attached to a new case.

Depends onage and stock. You can but ask your dealer for a quote from Naim.

I’ve used black marker pens on a number of units over the years. Seems to work well and hides most things. Just dab a bit on, little at a time, if too much, just wipe off before it dries.

Black boot polish works well

Black permanent marker actually has purple in it, hence the slightly odd hue when you mark on anything other than paper. I like the polish idea.


From my experience, go via a well-established dealer for a replacement case. Recently, I enquired with Naim directly about a replacement case and got an unambiguous ‘we don’t do that’ response. When I mentioned this to a dealer, the response was much more constructive.

No disrespect intended to Naim - I suspect they have to hold a very strong line with sticky-fingered members of the great unwashed like me, otherwise everyone and their dog would be wanting spare cases for all sorts of reasons, some possibly less justifiable than others.


I used black boot polish recently with good results. Someone here recently suggested an Auto Glym Car product but I can’t remember which one.

I use Abaddon Black from Games Workshop… Works best on CB and Olive cases with a crackle finish.

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