Small speakers for Atom

Actually I think so, but more than double the price means double better? Still is not better a close box va bass reflex with little space from wall? Everyone says Hartbeth or Spendor suits better but dunno.

I’ve just moved a 500 series system and quite a few LPs from the UK to the south of France and am hoping to move again in the next year or two, for the last time.

The tall boxes on the right are Naim NBLs as packed by the removal company because I don’t have the original boxes. One of the tweeters didn’t make it, though there’s no visible damage. Fortunately I have a pair of Thiel CS1.6 speakers which I kept when I discovered their resale value and moved to the flat with other redundant components a couple of years ago. (Just visible in the corner.)
Keeping some backup speakers isn’t a bad idea, particularly if they’re fairly small. (which the Theils aren’t).



Well, Believe it or not, I’ve ended with a small Sonus Faber Concertino MKI, for 600€, I’m blown away by the quality, so sweet and refined, much more alike my Karis than BBC mini monitors, specially for vocals, jazz and bossa!

I will certainly listen to the Sonus as I am looking for speakers to go with Atom. Something which interests me is that there are no Focal recommendations given Focal/Naim relationship.

Not sure of these are small enough - they are relatively small to me - but the very name suggests a match with Atom:

The Electron speakers by Tekton.

I see you have a PS555 with Ndx2 and SN3.
When did you feel the need to add this separate, to the system?
Intuitively I would expect a ( let’s say) XPS?
Did you heard notable differences?

(A little off topic sorry)

Like you say, it’s off topic and I’ve written about it elsewhere.

Going to make a search… ( thanks)

The P3ESR really need oodles of power, I have them - and would not recommend them with this amp. They are suggested to be the hardest Harbeth to drive on the Harbeth form

Try the Spendor Classic 4/5 as an alternative .

@anon29651526 sorry, I could have been more helpful. I already had a 555DR so it seemed silly not to use it. I don’t need the space or the cash so plugged it in after using the NDX2 by itself for a day. It’s a lot better as you’d expect. I see no issue with NDX2/555DR and a Supernait. Source first is rarely unsuccessful.


No problem, sir. Indeed you where right: i found a thread from summer time where you also post info to the matter regarding ND2\sn3 with adition of HiCap DR.

They do have great vocal mids, I believe they were made during original SF ownership.

They did some beautiful stands too.

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